1. 3-6 Social Studies Interactives
  2. 10 Interesting Facts
  3. 15 Best Social Studies Sites for Teachers
  4. 15 Great You Tube Channels for Social Studies
  5. 15 Ways to Use #Flipgrid for Social Studies
  6. 30 Free Google Drawings Graphic Organizers
  7. 37 Maps That Explain How America is a Nation of Immigrants
  8. Annenberg Interactives
  9. Native American Web Sites
  10. Awesome Stories
  11. Basic Economics
  13. Biography Channel - Thousands of video biographies on famous people.
  14. Choice Boards - Pinterest Boards
  15. Classroom Architect
  16. Control Alt Achieve: Social Studies Resources
  17. Countable - Contact your representatives in Congress
  18. CrashCourse -Videos on a wide range of topics including World History, US History, US Government, Politics, and Economics, as well as topics outside of social studies.
  19. Differentiated Instruction - Check123,
  20. Video Encyclopedia
  21. Digital Learning Super Sites
  22. Divided island: How Haiti and the DR became two worlds
  23. DK Books
  24. DocsTeach
  25. Engagement Strategies
  26. eStory - Resource Link - A simple tool for creating interactive, online timelines.
  27. Exploring Social Studies Digital Interactive Notebook for Google Drive
  28. Exploring Social Studies
  29. Famous People
  30. Florida Student Online Lessons - Good!
  31. Free Activity Pages
  32. FrontRow Social Studies Units - Good!
  33. Geography: Interactive Map: Explorers of North America
  34. Geography: Maps and Globes SmartBoard lesson
  35. Moby Max Curriculum Lessons
  36. Native Americans
  37. Holidays Around the World Unit
  38. History: Ancient Civilizations for Kids
  39. History: Mr. Beat's Social Studies Channel - Mr. Beat is a teacher who creates videos about history, with many of them incorporating music and song.
  40. History: Mapping of US History
  41. History: Martin Luther King, Jr. Unit Resources
  42. History: Martin Luther King Tic-Tac-Toe
  43. History: Holocaust
  44. History: How the 1967 War Changed the Shape of Israel
  45. History: One History
  46. History:Oregon Trail Task Card
  47. History: Real Story of Paul Revere
  48. History: Primary History
  49. History: Reading Through History - Resource Link - YouTube channel promoting social studies through reading.
  50. History: Simple History - Resource Link - YouTube channel with short animated videos covering historical topics, people, and events.
  51. History: Teaching a People’s History - Theme
  52. History: Teaching History
  53. History: Teaching a People’s History - Resource Type
  54. History: Teaching a People’s History - Time Period
  55. History: That Was History -Cliff Langston and Jeremy Payne provide educational videos on topics including This Day In History, History Rewrite (Alternate History), History Deja Vu, and "top lists" to rank events from history.
  56. History: Timeline: Time Graphics: Time.Graphics’s step-by-step guide leads students to easily incorporate text, video, and graphics to create an online timeline.
  57. History: Timeline Tools - Resource Link - 8 Web Tools for Creating Multimedia Timelines
  58. History: Tom for America - Educator Tom Richey provides history lectures for AP US History and AP European History.
  59. History: US Civil War
  60. History: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Videos produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
  61. History: Vikings
  62. History: What New York City students learned about Christopher Columbus when their own classroom was ‘discovered’
  63. History: World Religions for Kids
  64. History: World War II in the Pacific Timeline
  65. History: You Go Culture - Resource Link - Interactive website with virtual tours of ancient and modern Greece with videos, maps, images, and other content
  66. Interactive Sites for Social Studies
  67. iPad Apps for Social Studies
  68. IXL Social Studies
  69. Khan Academy - Khan Academy produces instructional videos on a wide range of subjects, including many that address social studies topics.
  70. Kids Discovery Online
  71. Life Magazine
  72. LiveBinders
  73. Nearpod - Free - Good!
  74. Newseumed
  75. News-O-Matic, Daily Reading for Kids - app
  76. PBS Social Studies
  77. Project-based Learning in Social Studies
  78. Projects For Teaching Social Studies - scroll down to list of 50
  79. Works - Social Studies Articles for Students
  80. Scholastic Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  81. Selfie Adventure
  82. Social Studies, Rigor, and Technology: A Great Combo
  83. Social Studies HyperDocs
  84. Social Studies Lessons
  85. Social Studies Sites
  86. Social Studied Tech Integration Updates - Good list!
  87. Social Studies
  88. South Dakota Mini Pages
  89. Teachers Pay Teachers Free Social Studies
  90. TED-Ed - TED-Ed creates excellent animated videos on a wide range of topics, including many that align with social studies.
  91. US National Archives - Primary source historical videos from the US National Archives.
  92. US Relations with Native Americans
  93. Video Encyclopedia in 1, 2, & 3 Minutes
  94. History Education Group includes:

Reading Like a Historian Over 130 document-based lesson plans

Beyond the Bubble Over 80 history assessments featuring Library of Congress documents

Civic Online Reasoning Assessments now available to measure student reasoning about online information