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  1. Kindergarten HyperDocs

  2. K-5 HyperDocs - excellent!

  3. K-6th Grade HyperDocs

  4. 1st Grade HyperDocs

  5. 1st Grade HyperDocs on a Padlet

  6. 1st Grade Computer Lesson

  7. First Grade - Main Idea

  8. 2nd Grade Government and Citizenship

  9. 2nd Grade HyperDocs

  10. 2nd Grade Inferences

  11. 2nd Grade Lab Lessons - a lot of daily lessons

  12. 2nd Grade Reading Literature Notebook HyperDoc

  13. 3rd Grade Interactive Language Notebook HyperDoc

  14. 3rd Grade: Fables, Folktales and Myths

  15. 3rd Grade Interactive Language Notebook - variety of grammar activities

  16. 3rd Grade HyperDocs

  17. 3rd Grade Life Cycle HyperDoc

  18. 3rd Grade Solar System

  19. 4th Grade HyperDocs

  20. 4th Grade HyperDocs

  21. 4th Grade HyperDocs

  22. 5th Grade HyperDocs

  23. 5th Grade: Characteristics of Organisms HyperDoc Choice Board

  24. Middle School HyperDocs

  25. 7th Grade World History

  26. 7th-9th Grade HyperDocs

  27. Secondary HyperDocs

  28. 10th-12th Grade HyperDocs

  29. HyperDocs 2018 Lessons by Grade Level

  30. 100th Day of School

  31. Hopes and Dreams

  32. Another Padlet HyperDocs - Good!

  33. Drive Folder of HyperDocs

  34. Let's Make a Hyperdoc

  35. Adding Fractions

  36. Amazon Inspire HyperDocs

  37. American Revolution

  38. Animal Report Thinglink

  39. Art of teaching with HyperDocs: Student Centered Lessons that Inspire Curiosity and Creativity

  40. Art: Great Artists

  41. Art: Ren Art Study - Google Slides

  42. Art: SumoPaint + Thinglink Plant Project - Google Slides

  43. Banishing Boredom: Using Hyperdocs in the Elementary Classroom

  44. Become a Google Drawings Ninja

  45. Becoming an Expert Learner

  46. Be Legal and Fair

  47. Breakout EDU Resources HyperDoc

  48. Breakout HyperDoc Resources

  49. Developing a Future Ready Classroom 4 Cs HyperDoc

  50. Digital Images

  51. First Days of School HyperDocs

  52. Foreign Languages: Spanish Holidays HyperDoc

  53. Foreign Languages: Spanish Review Board

  54. Getting to Know Your Class

  55. Goal Setting

  56. Gratitude #Hyperdoc Using Answer Garden - Google Docs

  57. Growth Mindset Read Aloud HyperDocs

  58. Hopes and Dreams HyperDoc

  59. How to Enhance Lessons With Google HyperDocs

  60. How HyperDocs Can Transform Your Teaching - Podcast

  61. HyperDocs and the Teacher Librarian

  62. HyperDoc Templates

  63. HyperDocs Beyond HyperLinks

  64. HyperDocs Mission Control

  65. Hyperdoc Google+ Community

  66. HyperDocs with Lisa, Sarah, and Kelly

  67. Hyperdocs & Self-Paced Learning

  68. Inquiry & Critical Thinking Activity - Google Slides

  69. ISTE Standards and HyperDocs

  70. K-1 Be Kind Lesson Plan

  71. K-1 Be Kind Online Resources

  72. Language Arts HyperDocs

  73. Lang Arts: Capitalization/Punctuation Review Hyperdoc - Google Docs

  74. Language Arts: Google Read and Write HyperDoc

  75. Language Arts: - Middle School English

  76. Lang Arts: One Little Word - shared template

  77. Lang Arts: Read Aloud HyperDoc Template

  78. Language Arts: Simile and Metaphore

  79. Lit: Author's Point of View

  80. Lit: Beautiful Oops! - book

  81. Lit: Because of Winn Dixie HyperDoc

  82. Lit: Biographical Poster Research HyperDoc - Good!

  83. Lit: Cinquain Poetry

  84. Lit: Character, Setting, Plot

  85. Lit: Charlotte’s Web HyperDoc

  86. Lit: Charlotte’s Web Favorite Character

  87. Lit: Crenshaw

  88. Lit: Diary of Anne Frank HyperDoc

  89. Lit: E.B. White

  90. Lit: ELA HyperDoc

  91. Lit: Eric Carle Author Study

  92. Lit: Exploring Poetry & Poetic Devices HyperDocs

  93. Lit: Fables, Folktales and Myths

  94. Lit: Fables HyperDoc

  95. Lit: Fables, Folktales and Myths HyperDoc

  96. Lit: Fairy Tales

  97. Lit: Free Poem Project

  98. Lit: Gift of the Magi

  99. Lit: Gingerbread Man - Google Slides

  100. Lit: Global Reading Log

  101. Lit: Greek Mythology

  102. Lit: Haiku Poetry

  103. Lit: Haiku Poetry

  104. Lit: Hatchet HyperDoc

  105. Lit: How to Hyper Doc a Novel


  107. Lit: Intro to Catcher in the Rye

  108. Lit: Introduction to the Crucible

  109. Lit: Island of the Blue Dolphin HyperDoc

  110. Lit: Johnny Appleseed

  111. Lit: Lit Trips on Chromebooks With the New Google Earth

  112. Lit: MidSummer Night's Dream Pre-Reading HyperDoc Activity Board

  113. Lit: Narrative Writing HD: Draft, Revise and Publish

  114. Lit: Novel HyperDocs - many

  115. Lit: Novel HyperDoc Template

  116. Lit: Novel Project Choice Board

  117. Lit: Pax

  118. Lit: Poetry HyperDocs List

  119. Lit: Poetry Journal of Poems and Stuff Created by MrOrtmayer - Google Docs

  120. Lit: Poetry Unit

  121. Lit: Polar Express

  122. Lit: Read Across America HyperDoc

  123. Lit: Reading Literature - 2nd Grade

  124. Lit: Reflect and Recharge : end of semester

  125. Lit: Road Not Taken

  126. Lit: Roll of Thunder Chapter 5-8

  127. Lit: Romeo and Juliet Launch HyperDoc - Google Docs

  128. Lit: Romeo and Juliet

  129. Lit: Romeo and Juliet HyperDoc

  130. Lit: Setting of a Story HyperDoc Template - Google Docs

  131. Lit: Shakespeare’s Women - Google Slides

  132. Lit: Shakespeare Intro Activities

  133. Lit: Similes, Metaphors, and Hyperboles. Oh My!

  134. Lit: Story Elements

  135. Lit: Story Elements

  136. Lit: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble HyperDoc

  137. Lit: Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing Novel - Judy Blume

  138. Lit: The Crucible

  139. Lit: The Giver HyperDoc

  140. Lit: The Giver

  141. Lit: The Little House

  142. Lit: The Outsiders HyperDoc Resources

  143. Lit: The Outsiders HyperDoc

  144. Lit: To Kill a Mockingbird HyperDoc

  145. Lit: Understanding American Legends HyperDoc

  146. Lit: Wild Robot

  147. Lit: What is Poetry?

  148. Math HyperDocs - Peterson

  149. Math HyperDocs

  150. Math: Math HyperDoc on Padlet

  151. Math HyperDocs

  152. Math 4 Review Game BoardHyerDoc

  153. Math 6 Review Board HyperDoc

  154. Math HyperDocs List

  155. Math HyperDocs

  156. Math: Adding and Subtracting Integers

  157. Math: Adding and Subtracting Fractions

  158. Math: Addition and Subtraction to 12

  159. Math: Addition Facts to 20

  160. Math: Adding Fractions HyperDoc

  161. Math: Addition

  162. Math: Area of a Triangle

  163. Math: Coordinate Systems Math

  164. Math: Counting & Number Patterns to 120

  165. Math: Coin Combinations to Make a Dollar

  166. Math Comparing Numbers to 100

  167. Math: Different Types of Triangles

  168. Math: Dividing Decimals

  169. Math: Equivalent Fractions

  170. Math: Fact Families - Math

  171. Math First 10 Days

  172. Math Five and Ten Frame

  173. Math: Fractions

  174. Math: Fractions Game Board

  175. Math: Geometric Thinking - Quadrilaterals

  176. Math: Geometry, Measurement, Coding & More 5th grade - Google Docs

  177. Math HyperDocs - EdTech Training

  178. Math: Introducing Polygons HyperDoc

  179. Math: Introduction to Trigonometry

  180. Math: Introducing Polygons Hyperdoc - Google Docs

  181. Math: Let's Learn About Multiplication

  182. Math: Measurement Learning Path

  183. Math: Multiples of 10

  184. Math: Multiplication Fraction Game Board

  185. Math: Percents

  186. Math: Pi Day

  187. Math: Place Value Adventure

  188. Math: Place Value HyperDoc

  189. Math: Place Value

  190. Math: Place Value Review

  191. Math: Place Value Game Board

  192. Math Problem

  193. Math: Polygons

  194. Math: Radius and Diameters of Circles

  195. Math: Rational Number System

  196. Math Review Game Board HyperDoc

  197. Math: Shape Attributes HyperDoc

  198. Math: Subtraction

  199. Math: Solving Equations HyperDoc - Algebra

  200. Math: Subtraction Facts to 20

  201. Math: Subtracting Numbers

  202. Math: Tens and Ones

  203. Math: Unit Price - Math

  204. Math: What is an Angle?

  205. Middle School Minds HyperDocs

  206. Middle School HyperDocs - STJ

  207. Mr. Macs Menu Activities

  208. Music: Music Learning

  209. Music: Woodwind HyperDoc

  210. Professional Development: Principals Who Flip Meetings HyperDoc

  211. Professional Development HyperDocs List

  212. Professional Development: Build a LEGO Team

  213. Science: 3 States of Matter

  214. Science: Force and Motion HyperDoc

  215. Science: 7th Grade HyperDocs

  216. Science: 8th Grade HyperDocs

  217. Science HyperDocs

  218. Science: HyperDocs - GOOD!

  219. Science: Hyper Docs Science Examples

  220. Science: Animal Adaptations

  221. Science: Animal Cells

  222. Science: Animal Habitats - 1st grade

  223. Science: Animal Habitat HyperDoc

  224. Science: Animal ThingLink Report HyperDoc

  225. Science: Amazing Penguins

  226. Science: Ants

  227. Science: Biology: Cells - Structure and Functions

  228. Science: Biomes HyperDoc

  229. Science: Biomes HyperDoc

  230. Science: Cells HyperDoc

  231. Science: Characteristics of Organisms Choice Board

  232. Science: Chemical Reactions

  233. Science: Chemistry HyperDocs

  234. Science: Classifying Animals HyperDoc

  235. Science: Cloud Initiation

  236. Science: Digestive System HyperDoc

  237. Science: Earth's Atmosphere

  238. Science: Earth Day HyperDoc Scavenger Hunt

  239. Science: Earth in Action

  240. Science: Earth in Action: Weather

  241. Science: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

  242. Science: Earth Systems and Processes

  243. Science: Electricity

  244. Science: Electronics is awesome! - 2 week unit

  245. Science: Energy

  246. Science: Exploring Water Resources Activity - Google Slides

  247. Science: Fall Leaves Science/Literacy HyperDoc - share - Google Docs

  248. Science: Fall Leaves Science/Literacy HyperDoc

  249. Science: Five Senses HyperDoc

  250. Science: Food Chains

  251. Science: Genetics

  252. Science: Global Warming

  253. Science: Google Earth Connections to Ecosystems and Ecology

  254. Science: Habitats

  255. Science: How Big is the Universe

  256. Science: Joints in the Body

  257. Science: K-1 Life Cycles: Butterfly Lesson Plan - similar to HyperDoc

  258. Science: K-1 Butterfly Lesson Online Resources

  259. Science: K-1 Life Cycles: Frogs Lesson Plan

  260. Science: K-1 Frog Lesson Online Resouces

  261. Science: Learning About Weather - 5th grade

  262. Science: Lifecycle of a Tree - Narrative Writing HyperDoc

  263. Science: Life Cycles

  264. Science: Life Cycle HyperDoc

  265. Science: Life Cycle Learning Path

  266. Science: Life Cycle of a Star

  267. Science: Microscope

  268. Science: Mitosis HyperDoc

  269. Science: My Senses

  270. Science: Newton's Laws - Google Docs

  271. Science: One Tree, One Year

  272. Science: Periodic Table

  273. Science: Periodic Table/Elements HyperDoc Fifth Grade - Google Docs

  274. Science: Phases of the Moon

  275. Science: Physical Science

  276. Science: Physical Science

  277. Science: Plant and Animal Cells

  278. Science: Plant Growth and Survival

  279. Science: Plant HyperDoc

  280. Science: Plate Tectonics HyperDoc

  281. Science: Photosynthesis and respiration

  282. Science: Pumpkin Life Cycle

  283. Science: Rapid Changes to Earth's Surface - earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, Tsunami

  284. Science: Rocks and Minerals

  285. Science: Simple Machines - 4th grade

  286. Science: Simple Machines HyperDoc

  287. Science: Solar Eclipse

  288. Science: Solar System HyperDoc

  289. Science: Space Explorer HyperDoc

  290. Science: Third Grade Space

  291. Science: Time, Rocks, and Plate Tectonics Geology Activity

  292. Science: Tornadoes

  293. Science: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plates Tectonics

  294. Science: Water Resources Meme Activity - Google Slides

  295. Science: Weather

  296. Science: Weather HyperDoc

  297. Science: What Do You Wonder?

  298. Social Studies HyperDocs

  299. Social Studies HyperDocs

  300. So Studies: Age of Exploration

  301. So Studies: All About Maps

  302. So Studies: Amazing Race Across the States

  303. So Studies: American Revolution

  304. So Studies: American Government YouTube Videos

  305. So Studies: Ancient History

  306. So Studies: Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

  307. So Studies: American Revolution

  308. So Studies: American Symbols

  309. So Studies: A Nation Divided 1846-1861 - Part 1

  310. So Studies: A Nation Divided - Part II

  311. So Studies: Ancient Egypt HyperDoc

  312. So Studies: Ancient India HyperDoc

  313. So Studies: Articles of Confederation

  314. So Studies: Bill to Law Process

  315. So Studies: CA Gold Rush; Mining the Miner's - Google Slides

  316. So Studies: Colonial Williamsburg Hyperdoc - Google Docs

  317. So Studies: Community Helpers

  318. So Studies: Causes of the Civil War

  319. So Studies: Civil W ar HyperDoc

  320. So Studies: Was the Civil War Inevitable?

  321. So Studies: Civil War - KWHLAQ

  322. So Studies: Civil War Part I HyperDoc

  323. So Studies: Civil War Part II HyperDoc

  324. So Studies: Colonial Times HyperDoc

  325. So Studies: Community Helpers HyperDoc

  326. So Studies: Constitution and Slavery

  327. So Studies: Cotton Gin and How it Changed Life

  328. So Studies: Declaration of Independence

  329. So Studies: Declaration of Independence Slide Deck Hyperdoc - Google Slides

  330. So Studies: Declaring Independence

  331. So Studies: Digital Road Trip USA - GREAT!

  332. So Studies: Economic Theory

  333. So Studies: Elections

  334. So Studies: European Exploration Routes

  335. So Studies: European Explorers - Northwest Passage

  336. So Studies: Executive Branch of Gov’t HyperDoc

  337. So Studies: Explorer Technology Resources

  338. So Studies: European Exploration Routes

  339. So Studies: Executive Branch

  340. So Studies: Fire Safety HyperDoc

  341. So Studies: Founding Documents

  342. So Studies: Freedom From Want

  343. So Studies: French Revolution

  344. So Studies: Foundation and Formation of Government

  345. So Studies: Gold Rush HyperDoc

  346. So Studies: Google Map Adventures

  347. So Studies: Government: A Brief Introduction

  348. So Studies: Heading West

  349. So Studies: History/Geography HyperDocs List

  350. Social Studies: Holiday HyperDoc

  351. So Studies: Holiday HyperDocs

  352. Social Studies: Holiday and Winter Fun - Google Docs

  353. So Studies: Holocaust HyperDoc

  354. So Studies: Homelands: Ancient Greece and Rome

  355. So Studies: How a Bill Comes Law

  356. So Studies: History and Geography

  357. So Studies: History Mysteries: Ancient Egypt

  358. So Studies: Immigrants 1880s

  359. So Studies: Julius Caesar HyperDoc

  360. So Studies: Landforms 2nd grade

  361. So Studies: Legacy of Ancient Greece HyperDoc - Google Docs

  362. So Studies: Legislative Branch Part 2

  363. So Studies: Lewis and Clark

  364. So Studies: Discover New Lands With Lewis and Clark - Good!

  365. So Studies: Discover New Lands With Lewis and Clark - Google Presentation

  366. So Studies: Mapping Colonies

  367. So Studies: Martin Luther King, Jr.

  368. So Studies: Midnight Ride of Paul Revere HyperDoc

  369. So Studies: Major Themes of Civics and Government HyperDoc

  370. So Studies: Martin Luther King HyperDoc

  371. So Studies: MLK Jr - Google Docs

  372. So Studies: Native Americans

  373. So Studies: Native American Legends

  374. Social Studies: National Parks HyperDoc

  375. So Studies: National Parks Hyperdoc gr3 - Google Docs

  376. So Studies: Northwest Territory

  377. So Studies: Dividing the Northwest Territory

  378. So Studies: Oregon Trail HyperDoc

  379. Social Studies: The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

  380. So Studies: Pearl Harbor HyperDoc - Google Slides

  381. So Studies: Pioneer HyperDoc

  382. So Studies: Plantations and Slavery Spread

  383. So Studies: Real Story of Paul Revere

  384. So. Studies: Reconstruction

  385. So. Studies: Revolutionary War Figures and Fights

  386. So Studies: Road to Lexington and Concord

  387. So Studies: Through My Eyes - Ruby Bridges

  388. So Studies: Settlers and Civil War

  389. So Studies: Signing of the Declaration of Independence

  390. So Studies: Silk Roads

  391. So Studies: Southwest HyperDoc

  392. So Studies: Shays's Rebellion

  393. Social Studies: Super Awesome State Research

  394. So Studies: The Ghetto - Holocaust

  395. So Studies: Tax, Tips, Commission - Choice Board

  396. So Studies: Three Branches of Government

  397. So Studies: This is ME HyperDoc

  398. So Studies: Traditions Around the World

  399. So Studies: Trail of Tears

  400. So Studies: Three Branches of Government

  401. So Studies: Underground Railroad Hyperdoc - Google Slides

  402. So Studies: United States Symbols - Google Slides

  403. So Studies: US Constitution - complete unit

  404. So Studies: United States Constitution

  405. So Studies: United States History

  406. So Studies: USA Regions

  407. So Studies: US Symbols HyperDoc - K

  408. So Studies: What a Wonderful World - Earth Edition

  409. So Studies: Where In The United States

  410. Social Studies: Westward Expansion

  411. Social Studies: Westward Expansion - good!

  412. So Studies: What is a Community? HyperDoc

  413. So Studies: What is Place? - social studies

  414. So Studies: World History

  415. Spanish: Repaso HyperDoc

  416. Tech: Choose Your Own Adventure - HOUR OF CODE - Scratch

  417. Tech: Cyberbullying

  418. Tech: Cyber Safety

  419. Tech: Digital Citizenship and Coding Hyper Docs

  420. Tech: Digital Citizenship SuperHero Hyper Doc

  421. Tech: Digital Footprint

  422. Tech: Google and Chromebook Choices HyperDo

  423. Tech: Google Expeditions and Hyper Docs

  424. Tech: Google Forms - Feel the Force

  425. Tech: Green Screen Magic HyperDoc

  426. Tech: Hour of Coding/Intro to Coding

  427. Tech: Intro to Coding

  428. Tech: Intro to Coding/Hour of Code K-2 - Google Slides

  429. Tech: Introducing Chromebooks -Teachers HyperDoc

  430. Tech: K-1 Online Safety Lesson Plan

  431. Tech: K-1 Online Safety Lesson Resources

  432. Tech: Let’s Explore Technology Tech: Keyboarding Game Board

  433. Tech: Multimedia Text Sets + Google Docs = HyperDocs

  434. Tech: Rocky Tech Guy - HyperDocs

  435. Tech: Show What You Know BINGO

  436. Tech: Scratch Programming HyperDoc

  437. Tech: Screencasting HyperDoc

  438. Tech: Screencasting Resources

  439. Tech: Screencastify HyperDoc

  440. Tech: Search Strategies

  441. Tech: Social Networking

  442. Tech: Twitter 101

  443. Tech: Tips and Tricks for Google Docs Add-Ons HyperDoc

  444. Tech: Tech 2 Game Board HyperDoc

  445. Transformative Learning With HyperDocsUnit/Lesson Template Description !!!

  446. Visual Literacy

  447. Vocabulary: Key Vocabulary To Do HyperDoc - Google Slides

  448. Lit: Wild Robot HyperDoc

  449. World Languages HyperDocs List

  450. HyperDoc: Basic HyperDoc Lesson Plan Template

  451. Writing: Compare and Contrast Essay HyperDoc

  452. Writing: Creative Writing Challenge HyperDoc

  453. HyperDoc: Docs: Using Add-ons HyperDoc

  454. HyperDoc: Drive to Use HyperDocs

  455. Writing: Design a Simile & a Metaphor in Google Drive

  456. Writing: Essays

  457. Writing: Grammar HyperDocs List

  458. Writing: Grammar HyperDoc

  459. Writing: Narrative Writing

  460. Writing: Reading and Writing HyperDocs List

  461. Writing: Similes/Metaphors HyperDoc

  462. Writing: Snapchat Narrative Writing

  463. Writing: Setting of a Story HyperDoc

  464. HyperDocs: Extending Google Tools with Add-Ons HyperDoc

  465. HyperDoc: Favorite HyperDoc Tools!!!

  466. HyperDocs - Frameworks for the 4 Cs in Student-Centered Classrooms

  467. HyperDocs from The HyperDoc Online Course

  468. HyperDocs by Subject

  469. HyperDoc: Hyper Docs

  470. HyperDoc: Hyper Docs Speaker

  471. HyperDoc: HyperDocs Template - good!

  472. HyperDoc: HyperDocs Templates

  473. HyperDoc: HyperDoc Tools

  474. HyperDoc: HyperDocs Training

  475. HyperDoc: HyperDoc About HyperDoc

  476. HyperDocs: HyperDocs by Subject

  477. HyperDoc: Hyper for Hyper Docs

  478. HyperDoc: HyperDocs for Teachers

  479. HyperDoc: HyperDoc Gallery Wall - EXCELLENT!

  480. HyperDoc: HyperDoc HyperDoc

  481. HyperDoc: Hyperdoc Ideas

  482. HyperDoc: HyperDoc Lessons on Padlet

  483. HyperDoc: HyperDocs Padlet

  484. HyperDoc: HyperDocs Samples

  485. HyperDoc: How Hyper Docs Can Transform Your Teaching

  486. HyperDocs: How to Enhance Your Lessons With HyperDocs - slide show

  487. HyperDocs for Teachers**

  488. HyperDoc: Google+ HyperDocs

  489. HyperDoc: How to HyperDoc

  490. HyperDoc Lessons for When You Are Out Of the Classroom

  491. HyperDoc Lessons - GOOD

  492. HyperDoc: Let's Make a HyperDoc

  493. HyperDoc: Hyperdoc Lesson Template - good!

  494. HyperDoc: Learning About HyperDocs

  495. HyperDoc: Let's Rock With HyperDocs - Collaboration - video

  496. HyperDoc: Library

  497. HyperDoc: Mentor HyperDocs

  498. HyperDocs: Padlet of HyperDocs - Good!

  499. HyperDoc: Hyper Docs PD Gameboard

  500. HyperDocs: OnAir video

  501. HyperDoc: Pinterest HyperDocs

  502. HyperDoc: Podcasts

  503. HyperDocs: Student Centered Learning and the 4 Cs - Google Keep Community - many links

  504. HyperDoc: Sharing Your HyperDoc

  505. HyperDoc: Show What You Know HyperDoc

  506. HyperDoc: Using a HyperDoc in our Classroom

  507. HyperDoc: Using HyperDocs in Class

  508. HyperDoc: Using HyperDocs in Elementary

  509. HyperDoc: Use Graphic Organizers on HyperDocs to Collect Thinking

  510. HyperDocs Virtual Summit

  511. HyperDoc: What’s all the HYPE about HyperDocs?

  512. HyperDoc: What is a HyperDoc?

  513. HyperDoc: What Is the Hype of HyperDocs?

  514. HyperDoc: Why Students Like HyperDocs

  515. HyperDocs: YouTube HyperDocs

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