Mahatma Gandhi's life and work, resp. the ethics of nonviolence have been my passion and inspiration throughout my adult life. In my professional work as well as in my personal life I strive to create an atmosphere of peace and nonviolence.

I launched GandhiServe with the hope that we can carry forward the cause for which Gandhi lived and died for by spreading the message of love, truth and nonviolence.

Moreover, I'm sharing Gandhi's passion for naturopathy and complimentary medicine without neglecting the achievements of allopathy.

I co-founded Ruehe Healthcare with the aim to provide efficient ayurvedic healthcare products for the masses in Europe.

These are my favourite quotes:

  • Have a dream and stick to it.
  • Find purpose, the means will follow.
  • If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • He who heals is right.

Enjoy my little website and send me feedback, if you like.

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