In my paintings, I try to synthesize the vibrancy of life and nature I grew up with in the Caribbean -- with the fluid and graceful movements of ballet, my first love. My latest work is also informed by ancient civilization symbols and signs. And my palette has expanded to reflect my Mexican experiences.

Dance and movement inform both my sculpture and my painting. An emotion, a look, a mood – all inspire. Inner joy and inner turmoil conspire to produce images deep from the soul.

Often my preconceived idea is abandoned in a moment of artistic creation or revision. Or a trip outside the city -- in the woods, at the mountains or on the shore – will reshape my thinking. I am often driven by the colors and shapes nature brings me.

The isolation of the pandemic led me to discover new mediums. Here I take watercolors, traditionally pastel, and infuse them with my Caribbean mojo.

If you would like to see my studio in Guadalajara, Jalisco -- and my home gallery with many of the pieces on this site -- please get in touch.