Pet Food Conveyor

How an Enclosed Conveyor System Reduces Waste

Waste is often a by-product of processing. It is figured into the operating budget of a processing plant, the pricing of production runs, and the calculations of how much ingredients to have on hand for any given processing job. Depending on the materials used and the conveyor system employed, the extent of waste can far exceed anticipated amounts. In that case, the business is losing money every day that particular run is in production.

Drastically Reduce Waste for All Processing

An enclosed cable and tube conveyor system drastically reduces waste of any type of ingredients. The modular system safely and gently moves ingredients from one stage of production to another. There is no conveyor belt that will vibrate and jostle ingredients onto the floor. Ingredients will not get entangled in the chutes or feeders of transfer stations. Waste will not be the result of contamination or debris falling into the moving bin.

Other Cost Savings

Not only does a significant reduction in waste improve business revenues, it also improves the ability to compete. Less waste translates into lower production costs and lower bids for new contracts. There are also less cleaning supplies needed, less time between production runs, and less personnel on the janitorial staff. The enclosed system also makes it easier to comply with health and safety regulations, saving the business money on fines or penalties.

How It Works

Each system is custom designed by in-house engineers to suit the needs and configurations of the processing plant. Components are available in several sizes, materials, and dimensions to accommodate maximum weights, heights, and speeds required of the system. A Pet food conveyor system is needed to process products that range from rabbit food pellets to dry food for large breed dogs. That system will have to be strong enough to handle the weight of dog food, yet adjustable to accommodate the small size of food pellets.

The disks used to separate modules inside the tube are constructed of one piece with no screws or bolts needed. Those can be moved between production runs to allow the precise amount of ingredients to fill each space. The pellet runs can be completed faster because more modules are created, while the dog food weight can be evenly dispersed throughout the tube by altering the size of the modules to be larger.

The needs of each type of productions are met by one efficient system. Waste is reduced, operational costs are way down, and the power and energy needed for just one conveyor system make the plant more efficient. Learn more here and discover the benefits of drastic waste reduction.