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How to Prevent Summer Rodents and Pests

Every summer, people begin to fear the bugs and rodents that come out more frequently. While it is an annoyance, it is also a health concern to most. Some of these pests carry viruses that can make people really sick. Vaccinations are offered for the viruses but it is often not known they are carrying a virus until it is too late and they already have it. How can one go about preventing these summer rodents and pests?

Hire a Pest Control Company

A pest control company can not only take care of pests before they happen but also they can rid them if they have already appeared. Most people recommend a quarterly service performed by these companies. During the service, the technician will apply an environmentally friendly spray to keep unwanted bugs away. They also will look for places ants and other bugs are entering the home. During the rainy times, ant control is especially important as they are looking for a way inside. Some pest companies offer termite control and inspection as well. It is nice to have a one-stop shop for these services.

Purchase an Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Sound Machine

An ultrasonic pest repellent machine is a machine that is plugged into an outlet and it produces an ultrasonic wave to keep rodents away. It keeps them out of garages, basements, attics, and other areas where they are not welcome. While this seems like an unsure process, many companies will offer a guarantee with their product. The downside to these devices is they do not reach a long ways away.

Use Mouse Traps and Rodent Blocks

Mouse traps have always been a go to in order to trap mice. They are simple tools and have proven to be effective over a number of years. The downside to mouse traps and rodent blocks are often times pets and other animals get trapped. Kids who are unfamiliar with what they are may also get hurt with these items. There are several different mouse traps available on the market for purchase. Electric mouse traps are said to catch mice the fastest.

Use Bug Spray and Candles

Bug sprays are good to put directly on people to keep bugs from biting them and causing diseases. They do not necessarily prevent pests and insects. Candles, such as Citronella, are good to use because they repel mosquitoes and other insects by releasing scents. These scents are non-toxic to humans and are completely safe.

Many people believe a really cold winter will decrease the number of pests in the summer but this is not entirely true. Pests do not thrive in dry conditions so somewhere cold and dry will have fewer pests. There are also fewer insects when a long winter occurs due to them missing their population cycles. Fewer insects make for a more relaxed summer.