Committees 2017

Dinner assignments for the 2017 Masonic year

(Ex. January, we have listed only the head chefs who will recruit their cook crews.)

  • January: Officers
  • February: Donald Clayton
  • March: Robert McLaughlin
  • April: TBD - Grand Master dinner
  • May: Mike Chaney
  • June: Jonathan Chesson
  • July: Robert Moss
  • August: CW Boyette
  • September: Jeff Norman
  • October: Paul Williams
  • November: David Bell
  • December: No dinner. Enjoy Christmas with your families

Other Committees (Chair in CAPITALS)


  • Master, Worshipful JOEL TURNER; Michael Day, PM; Bryan Ballard

Finance & Budget

  • NORMAN BOYETTE, PM; Paul Williams; David Bell

Building & Grounds

  • BRYAN BALLARD, Christopher Clements, Jay Neville, PM


  • BOBBY DIXON, PM; Michael Day, PM; Robert Allen, PM

Masonic Home for Children & WhiteStone Masonic and Eastern Star Home

  • DONALD CLAYTON, PM; Robert McLaughlin; Deryl Haun, PM

Masonic Education

  • MICHAEL DAY, PM; Worshipful Joel Turner; Ed Scarborough, PM; Ken Paith, PM; Robert Allen, PM

Recognitions and Awards

  • PAUL WILLIAMS; Deryl Haun, PM; Jonathan Chesson

Boy Scouts of America Troop Liaison

  • MIKE CHANEY, JR; Anthony Stringham, Daniel Roberson


  • Andy White