Childrens Personalised Water Bottles In The UK

The Best Children’s Water Bottles In 2021 – Keep Your Kids Hydrated This Summer

Children love to play games and they go to schools where they are away from the comfort of home. At that point they feel thirsty. Providing children with water bottles to keep them hydrated is the best idea. But with this idea there comes huge amount of concerns about their health.

How One Company is taking a step ahead and working towards providing the best and healthy water bottles to the kids in the UK

PersonalisedWaterBottles.Co.UK is a company based in UK which is dedicated to promoting a healthy and environmentally friendly water bottles for childrens.

We strongly believe that childrens are our future and we need to educate them about the environmentally friendly practices.

1) They are made of 100% recycled products

2) We use vegetable inks to print the brand logo and other marketing messages.

3) The water bottles are BPA – FREE

4) We provide fully customisable solutions with perfect branding and message with proper artwork on the bottle.

5) We produce water bottles made up of food grade plastic.

6) The drinkware is fully compatible with the acidic juices

7) The bottles are dishwasher safe which means you can wash them easily.

Why Drinking Water Is A Healthy Habit For Children?

Water is an important ingredient for a healthy living. Our body is 85% water only and every vital function of our body is not complete without water.

If at any point the kid is not drinking plenty of water and is dehydrated then his brain will not function properly and the child will suffer from lack of concentration. This will also result in decreased brain energy.

In schools a child is required to have good concentration which will then help him understand all the information and lessons. He will digest the information properly, if he or she is hydrated properly.

Why plastic water bottles are bad?

Normal water bottles are made up of PET plastic which is actually quite harmful. When the bottles get old or are in a warm place, then they release a very toxic chemical called as BPA or Bisphenol A. BPA is a toxic material which enters the food chain and harms the body in many ways.

Best Personalised School Water Bottles For Children In The UK

PersonalisedWaterBottles.Co.Uk is an accredited seller of Eco Water Bottles in the whole of UK. We offer personalised water bottles which are specially designed for schools. We can print the logo and or environmental message on the water bottles.

Some of the bottles which are liked by childrens are as follows:

Camelbak Eddy Kids Bottle

These water bottles are spill proof and made up of Tritan. They are BPA free and comes in a capacity of 400ML

The spill proof bottles help as the kids will not spill the contents all on themselves when they are alone and trying to learn to drink from the water bottle.

Mountop Kids Water Bottle

These water bottles are best because they are quite durable. The material used is Tritan and these mountop kids water bottles are completely BPA free. The capacity of the bottle is 400 ML

These water bottles are spill proof and leak proof. It is having a push button mouthpiece which makes it easy to handle and drink water from it. There is a long straw in it and the bottle is provided with markers which makes it easy to understand how much water has been consumed by the kid.

Disney Princess Personalised Water Bottle

These are really amazing water bottles which can be personalised and can be used for gifting purpose also.

Made up of aluminium and are BPA free. They come in 660ML capacity.

These water bottles are strong and durable and are good for a bit older kids.

Oxo Tot Twist Top Water Bottle

This is kind of non slippery water bottle. These bottles are quite sturdy as they are made up of Tritan and silicon. The capacity is 354ML.

These personalised bottles are ideal for kids who are in a habit of dropping things.

Contigo Striker Outdoor Bottle

This water bottle is made up of Polypropylene and are BPA free. They come in 420ML capacity.

The top is flip-up cover with a straw with a leak-proof design

Branded Water Bottles: Which One Do I Chose?

Here is an excellent video laying out the process of what types of branded water bottles one should use.

Simon Dutton walks you through the process and reviews some of the best branded & personalised water bottles in UK

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Get the best and top class service with PersonalisedWaterBottles.Co.Uk which as reputed and accredited seller of branded water bottles and drinkware across the whole of UK.

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