Missing level


Your life is personal.
So is Your European union.
But where is your personal union-team?

1. EU citizenship gives you, products, services and thoughts aimed at your good future a fairly free movement. The era of digital interaction has added social media to it for you, where you can also move quite freely.

2.  However, we EU citizens invest a considerable and ever-increasing amount of our only life in "thumb-level" interaction, which does not move important things forward for us, but is like its own planet with its own goals - because there is no attractive essential brain exercise and at the same time inspiring common challenges.

3. In the hierarchy of the Union and our own countries, we, almost 500 million citizens (i.e. "the Union itself"), as a creative development resource, organizational level and life of tomorrow, are as if overlooked and generally absent from the prevailing pattern of cooperation in the development of society. 

4. In the coming decades, the growing parts of the world will roll over us in an unprecedented way - and we all need a forward-moving collective spirit in order for our development to be happy.

5. In today's dangerous global competition of social orders, each of us has a great share of responsibility for the development of our own and our descendants' future into a decent, peaceful and environmentally friendly one, also beyond our borders.

6. Fortunately, the EU's Digital Decade 2030 strategy, which is current right now, requires rigid cross-border internal growth from citizens as well as companies, member states, the European Parliament and the Commission. But committing to common enlightened development on a daily basis also requires a clear and obvious trust in the citizen's team contributions.

7. Dear EU Digital Decade team, let's be happy for a human-centered, fundamental rights-based, inclusive, transparent and open digital environment and a green transition as keys on the EU's current to-do list. Together, we can make it happen perfectly, keeping in mind that among the nearly 500 million people in the EU, at any level or in any field, systems based on user-brainflowbased systems win systems-based user brainflow, again and again.  Today the  AI could give some essetial help by checking the "spirit" so that everyone would  get all the messages - without changing the facts - written from their own point of view and in their own order of importance.

Your union-wide role as EU citizen is more than just rights and duties:


In addition to rights and obligations, the EU Commission has EU-wide CHALLENGES - so do parliament, member states, companies...

What about you,citizen, who after all, are the basic unit and boss of the entire Union?


Your passport already proves that you are a citizen of the European Union, not just a citizen of your own country. The euros in the digital wallet say the same. And your vote in the European Parliament elections. You are therefore a unique factor at many essential levels of the European Union: political, public, private and personal.


because nobody knows Your ideas and needs as You - and nobody else can live your life


because it's Your business and Your ownership


because you are a unique part of the EU society


because in elections your voice can be that one.

Thse pages tell about a "Personal EU" initiative, based on the citizen's challenges, and it aims for a Union-wide standard, where political, administrative, commercial and private actors in cross-level PPPP interaction (Politic-Public-Private-Person) could create functionality and continuity and global exemplarity - and a new level of meaningfulness at the basic level of the entire Union: for the citizen, you.

The unofficial Personal EU group on Facebook has now more than 600 members and welcomes future-oriented discussion and active development among those interested.

We all need the union team spirit

The European Union is a pioneer of Western democracy and human dignity. As a desired tourist destination, it is the most attractive destination in the world. The free movement of people, services and goods creates a quite versatile and rewarding development environment for the citizens of our home union.

You have your own life, your own country and your own European Union. So you should have the opportunity and team to raise all the best of our own and common values ​​to a new, globally more functional level.

A Personal EU team would be an inspiring idea for you and why not for all of the soon to be 500 million citizens of the European Union. It would also be the opportunity of this digital decade to have this essential level of organization fresh as a supplementary development resource for cooperation with traditional levels.

In these digital days, every internet user in every EU country has marked their own unique footprints on the internet - and in every country someone's profile resembles you the most: they are the citizens with whom it would be most natural for you to expand your own network, because you have so much in common - and everyone has their own "foreign" enriching added value. With one click, Union-wide, TeamFinder should be able to safely find these teammates of yours and bring you together on your screen.

Why? So that you could complement each other internationally with the support of Personal EU team tools and create extensive interaction. This is how a new, more human-centered EU era of people and Union-wide forward-looking Digital Decade tools should be born.

Technically, almost all parts of the solution already exist. Now is the time to see clearly, desire and work consistently to put this puzzle together and create a safe and creative Personal EU era.

This also would be our clear proof that we are not a disappearing museum continent - but something new and essential that the rest of the world also needs more than ever. The idea of ​​this site is to inspire, motivate and activate you  and the Digital Decade -2030 decision makers for a new userteam-assisted Union-wide future.

Of course, with current online tools, you can start your own inspiring experiment today: Find your team among current EU friends and start interacting as a team together in our common spirit.

 Why a @team.eu address for every EU citizen    

As a next step towards the Union's team spirit we need a digital extension to the EU citizen's passport.

In today's EU innovation society, the challenge for our 500 million citizens is to rapidly create, under the leadership of the Commission, a new kind of "world's most enlightened information society", based on the personal EU concept and its personal online teams. After all, we are already really more than just citizens of our own countries - we are all personally citizens of the entire European Union. In practice this personal level is still missing, but in a short time it could successfully complement traditional organizational levels and make us opinion leaders even on other continents. The age of miracles is not over, it is just beginning.

SECURE username@country.team.eu EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ALL EU CITIZENS in connection with their NEXT EU PASSPORT RENEWAL.

The EU administration has a great opportunity to start this process immediately.

This challenge is not small: the world's most inspiring innovation society! But this is a "simple and stupid" step to make it happen. In its implementation

- clarification and comparability of people and the services they represent will enter the Union space

- also by member country the possibility of creating Union-wide peer networks is offered

- a new utility connecting everyone in the Union will be created as an extension of € and the EU passport.

The Personal EU era

This idea is big enough for an own page. Please go to the next headline "TeamFinder"

Everybody only has one life. Let it out of the organization box!

Your brain is the control center of your life.

Big streams and small rivers connect all your time there with a unique personal power: work time, leisure time, hobbies, development, day, night... everything.

The fast-integrating online age is a great opportunity to use your brain without restrictions - to your and our mutual satisfaction.

But what happens in practice? You belong to some hierarchical organization that "cuts out part (and only part) of your brain and puts it in a fixed box" to work as a unit of output towards something you may not understand or accept. And worse, the rest of your head can't function perfectly at home because too much of it is being "dumbed down" for other purposes. Someone has carved your loved one in the same way - destroying the natural challenging interaction between the two of you.

Personal EU thinking develops the information society towards a more humane and life-centered era. That means good news for you AND for our old-fashioned organizations.

You have a nice opportunity, right and duty to manage your challenges when you find new interaction friends across borders – a team with common challenges, values ​​and expertise.

Organizations have the opportunity to become more human-centered "organizations" - cellular planet organizations - and find even more responsible self-organizing problem solvers for their jobs.

The human-centric Cell planet organization

Almost 100% of company organizational charts are based on the age-old box formula. Think about whether the extreme ends of the box connected by thin lines or those located closer understand each other and common challenges?

Nature's organizations are based on cells and their distribution on a micro level, on planets with their orbits and gravitational and radiation forces on a macro level.

Still, people's organizational charts are drawn out of old habit in the same way military groups were described before in history. Even in the hierarchies of the industrial age, that description fit tolerably, but as an understanding of the customer-driven nature of the service society, it does more harm than good. In today's information society, a model is like a petrified relic from prehistoric excavations.

Introduced by Kurt Linderoos already in the 1970s and in the 1980s, e.g. The CELL PLANET ORGANIZATION applied to Wärtsilä Paper Finishing Systems' worldwide personnel guide is based on describing people's areas of challenge and responsibility and even the economic size categories of businesses. An organization is like a cell or a planet. It has its own haunting power and its own attraction. The cell planet organization is like a set of nested flexible living planets, people's areas of responsibility - and every person belonging to the organization is one of them: clearly described in terms of size, location and challenges. Try:

Draw a big circle. It's your organization. It radiates outward attraction, a corporate image, and within it the corporate climate between your people prevails. The managing director is responsible for both of these.

Draw the members of your management team in the bubble so that their bubbles fill the entire company bubble. Inside each one, draw the bubbles of their closest subordinates, and within them their subordinates - until each of your people is included in the picture and central to your planet. The more clearly everyone sees their position and their challenges, the better they are able to earn their place as someone who takes on greater responsibility. In the digital age, the cellular planet organization could easily already be on the giant screen in the entrance hall, and anyone can happily locate it flashing.

In the day-to-day use of the interplay of internal and external corporate image, the cell planet is a functional observational, human-centered tool.

What artifical intelligence (Ask AI) suggests

(This section is an answer of ASK AI when asking: Tell the greatest sustainable opportunities of my Personal European Union network?)

There are numerous sustainable opportunities within a personal network in the European Union (EU) that individuals can leverage for personal and professional growth. Some of the greatest sustainable opportunities:

To maximize these sustainable opportunities, it's important to actively engage with your personal network, seek out new connections, and foster a spirit of collaboration and shared purpose. By leveraging the strengths and resources within your network, you can contribute to sustainable development and positive change within the EU and beyond. 

1. Cultural diversity: The EU is known for its rich cultural diversity. Within your personal network, you have the opportunity to learn from and engage with individuals from various backgrounds, languages, and traditions. This diversity can enrich your personal and professional life, fostering open-mindedness and understanding.

2. Professional collaboration: Your personal network within the EU can serve as a platform for professional collaboration and business opportunities across borders. By leveraging the expertise and connections of network members, you can explore opportunities for trade, partnerships, and knowledge exchange, contributing to sustainable economic growth. 

3. Education and skill development: The EU offers various educational and skill development opportunities, including exchange programs, research collaborations, and access to diverse learning environments. Your personal network can provide support and guidance for accessing these opportunities, leading to personal and professional development.

4. Sustainable initiatives and funding: The EU places a strong emphasis on sustainability, offering various initiatives and funding programs to support sustainable development, environmental conservation, and social innovation. Your personal network can serve as a platform for sharing ideas, forming partnerships, and accessing funding to contribute to sustainable initiatives.

5. Access to EU markets and resources: Through your personal network, you can gain insights into different EU markets, regulations, and business environments. This knowledge can be valuable for individuals seeking to expand their businesses, access EU funding programs, or navigate the complexities of cross-border trade and investment.

6. Advocacy and social impact: Your personal network can be a powerful platform for advocacy and social impact initiatives. By collaborating with like-minded individuals across the EU, you can amplify your efforts to address social and environmental challenges, driving sustainable change at local, national, and EU levels.

In this video from 2010, there are glimpses of familiar names.