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A “personal injury” in a legal context is an injury to an individual’s body, mind or emotions. It is distinct from an injury to, or loss of, property. A personal injury can take many forms, which we will explain in more detail below. These may include serious traumatic injuries, such as brain or spinal cord injuries; injuries incurred in motor vehicle collisions; injuries caused by slip and fall events; injuries caused by medical errors; or injuries caused by faulty or defective products.

Personal injuries are an inherent risk in day-to-day life, but that shouldn’t stop you from living life to the fullest. Personal injury lawyers work so you can go about your daily business without unnecessary fear of being injured.

How can Personal Injury Lawyers help?

Personally Injured slipping on a banana peel

Personal injury lawyers provide legal representation to individuals who have suffered physical, emotional, or psychological injuries due to the negligence or improper action of another party. In most personal injury cases, the injured person – the plaintiff – seeks compensation from a defendant. The defendant may be another individual, a company or organization, or a governmental body.

When a person sustains an injury in an accident, they should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible. Depending on the variety of injury the person has incurred, they may seek help from a specialized lawyer, such as a medical malpractice lawyer, or simply contact a personal injury law firm.

When a personal injury lawyer agrees to represent a client, they will pursue fair and reasonable compensation for the damages that that person has incurred. Damages awarded to plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits may cover costs associated with treating the injury; compensate the plaintiff for lost earning power; or compensate the plaintiff for the pain and suffering they have endured.

What types of Personal Injury cases Exist?

Traumatic injuries

Traumatic injuries are those which may substantially change the victim’s life. For instance, an individual who suffers a serious brain injury or spinal injury may never be able to fully recover or restore their pre-injury quality of life. Brain injuries can result in significant cognitive and physical impairment which restrict the victim’s ability to work, interact with loved ones, or support a family.

Similarly, serious spinal injuries can prevent a person from engaging in the professional and recreational activities that may previously have dominated their life.

Some injury victims experience symptoms that are less physically obvious, but which also significantly impede their enjoyment of life, such as chronic pain.

A personal injury lawyer or specialized spinal injury or brain injury lawyer can help injury victims regain control of their lives by providing access to financial compensation. This money can be used by the victim to fund rehabilitation, physical therapy, long-term care, or home renovations that make life easier.

Injuries to vulnerable road users

Not every motor vehicle accident results in injuries to motorists. As any Toronto personal injury lawyers can attest, a large number of vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists are also affected by these collisions.

John Tory, the Major of the City of Toronto, recently referred to the number of pedestrians being killed on the city’s streets as a ‘crisis.’ Personal injury lawyers Toronto tend to agree with this assessment, as they field calls from individuals who have been injured because of careless driving. As Canada’s cities continue to grow, municipalities must take action to protect its most vulnerable citizens; in the meantime, personal injury lawyers can help accident victims pursue compensation.

Motor vehicle accident claims

Many personal injury lawsuits stem from motor vehicle accidents. The most common of these accidents are collisions involving one or more personal automobiles: car accidents are among the leading causes of premature death and disability in Canada and around the world.

Motor vehicle accidents may also include motorcycle accidents, which Toronto personal injury lawyers know have never been more common. In 2017, the Ontario Provincial Police reported a ten-year high number of motorcycle fatalities.

Boating accidents are also a significant source of personal injury lawsuits in Canada, as are accidents involving off-road vehicles, such as snowmobiles and ATVs. Canadians love to get out of the city and spend time in the country’s world-famous wilderness. Unfortunately, many do so without taking proper safety precautions, and serious injuries are sometimes the result.

An experienced car accident lawyer can help motor vehicle accident victims access compensation for injuries for which they are not at fault. They can also help accident victims navigate interactions with insurance companies and help them pursue an accident benefits claim.

Slip and Falls

Another common source of injuries is slip and fall accidents. Just about all of us have slipped and fallen over the course of our lives, and most have hurt nothing but our egos. But in rare cases slip and fall events can result in serious injuries with significant implications for the victim’s life.

A slip and fall injury lawyer can help you assess the validity of your slip and fall claim. These injuries aren’t easy to successfully litigate, as proving liability can be challenging. However, when a person incurs a serious injury through no fault of their own, they deserve tough, competent legal representation.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are among the most challenging for a Toronto personal injury lawyer to litigate. Unfortunately, medical errors can also result in extremely serious injuries.

When a patient enters a medical facility in Canada, they are entitled to a certain standard of care. When that standard of care is not upheld and an injury is suffered, medical malpractice may have occurred.

In Canada, proving medical malpractice means establishing that a nurse, doctor, midwife, or other medical professional’s actions directly caused the plaintiff’s injury, and that another medical professional would have acted differently in the same situation.

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