Personal Injury Attorneys Madison MS

´╗┐Madison is a city in Madison County, Mississippi, United States. The population was 24,841 at the 2010 census. The population is currently over 25,000. It is part of the Jackson Metropolitan Statistical Area. Wikipedia

ZIP codes: 39110, 39130

Hotels: 3-star averaging $102.

If I've been in an auto accident why do I need a personal injury attorney?

Lawyer Franks: You need a lawyer due to the fact that we understand exactly how to handle this certain area of legislation. We understand the tricks insurance providers make use of and we understand the demand for you to get a doctors therapy. Whats more its crucial to start a documentation trail for the mishap. So hiring an injury lawyer is essential because we understand what to do and when to do it. We understand just how to deal with insurers car body facilities and doctors. We know just how to take care of expenses sustained for things that weren't your fault.

When should I contact you?

Lawyer Franks: Immediately after calling the cops due to the fact that you start the process right away. Ill tell you to get taken a look at due to the fact that on a regular basis you do not feel discomfort up until two or 3 days after the mishap. A small ache can become worse and that typically indicates whiplash which is a soft tissue injury that develops over that 2 or 3 days. Calling me immediately gets the process going and also you'll remain in less discomfort long term.

Ive taken steps with the insurance provider. What do I do?

Lawyer Franks: The insurance company you're discussing is usually the one supplying automobile repair. Insurance companies aren't going to volunteer to pay for your medical expenses and also other expenses. If an insurer offers an amount of cash its due to the fact that they are attempting to not pay the sum total and also take advantage of a person who does not deal with this on a daily basis. Insurance companies have insurance adjusters that personal injury attorneys handle on a daily basis. The insurers are attempting to invest as little money as feasible because its their business plan. They hang onto cash for as much time as feasible and also pay as little as feasible. My job is to get you as much loan as feasible.

The insurance company told me I don't require an attorney.

Lawyer Franks: That's not true. They don't want you to get a lawyer due to the fact that we know the genuine value of your situation. You employ somebody to appraise property or a valuable antique because that person understands the worth of these items. A personal injury attorney is similar because were in the personal injury area and see people hurt every day and can promptly review the circumstance. You'll never understand the value of your case unless you hire an attorney.

What damages am can I recover?

Lawyer Franks: You're entitled to recover numerous damages. Initially there are real damages like the damages to your vehicle your medical costs lost wages and also things along those lines. After that we begin looking into other damages such as pain and suffering loss of consortium and other things. If the other party triggered the accident in a willful way you might be entitled to compensatory damages which indicates damages are tacked on to penalize the other guy.

Is my case large enough for you to handle?

Lawyer Franks: Every case large enough to handle. If you suffered a legit injury through no fault of your own youre entitled to legal representation and we would be happy to represent you.

The person that hit me does not have insurance. What do I do?

Lawyer Franks: Were going down the exact same path as if they had insurance. Contact me right away and seek medical therapy and see to it youre alright and also have your legal rights maintained. In Mississippi a lot of vehicle drivers have uninsured motorist insurance that goes along with their policy. The only means you don't have that is if you checked the box forgoing it. After that unfortunately there's not a lot to do. However if you did not check that box and also you have the uninsured motorist protection after that we can pursue your insurance just like we might theirs.

When do we submit a suit?

Lawyer Franks: A suit is generally a last resort. We attempt to work with insurance companies to obtain the optimal buck. If they're not ready to pay you a fair sum after that we file the suit and after that there's litigation. Until that time were attempting to obtain you medical treatment and get you paid for your pain suffering and also expenses. If they wont do that then there's a suit and we go to trial.