The 1st Workshop on Customized Chat Grounding Persona and Knowledge

October 16, Workshop @ COLING 2022

Gyeongju, Republic of Korea

Workshop Description

Humans usually have conversations by making use of prior knowledge about a topic and background information of the people whom they are talking to. However, existing conversational agents and datasets do not consider such comprehensive information, and thus they have a limitation in generating the utterances where the knowledge and persona are fused properly.

Following the manner of humans’ conversation, a conversational agent’s ability to have a conversation with customized answers from prior knowledge and user’s personal information is crucial for satisfying the users. In our workshop on Customized Chat Grounding Persona and Knowledge, researchers and students will share their prospects and latest discoveries. We also host new shared tasks with the new dataset where the customized answers are built with the user's persona and Wikipedia knowledge.

The workshop aims to:

  • The conversational agents that are capable of choosing the proper persona and knowledge to answer the question from the users.

  • The conversational agents that are capable of generating more knowledgeable and customized answers, reflecting both knowledge and persona.

Invited Speakers

Mikhail Burtsev


Young-Bum Kim

Naver Search US

Program Schedule

Workshop Organizers

Heuiseok Lim

Korea University

Workshop Chair

Seungryong Kim

Korea University

Yeonsoo Lee

Language AI Lab, NCSOFT

Steve Lin

Microsoft Research Asia

Paul Hongsuck Seo

Google Research

Yumin Suh

NEC Labs

Primary Program Committees

Yoonna Jang, Ph.D. student, Korea University

Jungwoo Lim, Ph.D. student, Korea University

Yuna Hur, Ph.D. student, Korea University

Suhyune Son, Ph.D. student, Korea University

Program Committees

Hyeoncheol Kim, Korea University

Youngjoong Ko, Sungkyunkwan University

Harksoo Kim, Konkuk University

Jaehoon Cha, Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK

Weifeng SU, UIC, China

Jaechoon Cho, Hanshin University

Yeongwook Yang, Hanshin University

Yeochan Yoon, Jeju National University

Aiyanyo Imatitikua Danielle, Human-inspired AI Research

Jaehyun Park, Language AI Lab. NCSOFT

Hyesung Ji, Language AI Lab. NCSOFT

Youngrok Cha, Language AI Lab., NCSOFT

Sangha Nam, Language AI Lab., NCSOFT

Moonsu Han, Language AI Lab., NCSOFT

Seolhwa Lee, CoAStaL NLP group, University of Copenhagen

Chanhee Lee, Naver Search US