PeriSecure: Empower, Protect, Liberate

What is PeriSecure?

PeriSecure is a system consisting of two mobile apps, PeriSecure Alert and PeriSecure Protect, which work together to provide autonomy, freedom and security for older adults and others who may become disoriented while out for a walk and who may have trouble returning home.

PeriSecure Alert runs on a phone and alerts the user when they are approaching a predetermined distance or time away from home, or if their phone battery is running low and therefore may cause the app to stop running. The distance and time are set exclusively by the user and are not available externally. 

PeriSecure Protect runs on a phone, tablet or Chromebook and is intended to be used by a third party, such as a friend, relative or other person responsible for the care of the PeriSecure Alert user (the "guardian angel") and monitors PeriSecure Alert users for potentially uncomfortable or dangerous situations. PeriSecure Protect will alert the guardian angel if it receives an alert from any monitored user(s). Additionally, while being monitored, the PeriSecure Alert user has a "Panic button" available which, when pressed, immediately sends an alert to the guardian angel.

PeriSecure Alert may also be run stand-alone, if the user wishes. PeriSecure Protect is optional.

How does PeriSecure compare with the competition?

How is PeriSecure set up?

To configure user phones for monitoring, simply open PeriSecure Alert on the phones, place them within 30 meters of the device running PeriSecure Protect, and press the Configure nearby phones button in PeriSecure Protect. When the verification popup is displayed on all devices, press the Accept button after confirming that the connection codes match. This procedure results in a "pairing" of the phones and the currently signed-in account on PeriSecure Protect

Note that if you later sign in with a different email address, you will need to repeat the pairing process in order to enable the signed in account to monitor the phones. In this case, you will also need to unlock PeriSecure Alert to re-enable pairing, as the original pairing procedure ended with locking PeriSecure Alert, in order to secure the phone against malicious pairing attempts.

Once pairing is completed, whenever the PeriSecure Alert begins a trip (presses the GO button), monitoring will begin. The PeriSecure Alert user may choose to disable monitoring by selecting an option in Settings before starting a trip.

What about security?

PeriSecure Alert does not ask you for any identification, nor does it record or share your movements or your location.

Where can I get PeriSecure?

PeriSecure Alert and PeriSecure Protect are available from Google Play. 

Customer support

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