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Pre-Alpha Delta Omicron Scene test

Last Update: April, 18, 2018

Patch: 0.000512

Press H for host after play


Controls in relation to self:

Space Ships


Forward: W

Aft(Backward): S


Port (Left): A

Starboard (Right): D

Dorsal(Up): Right mouse

Ventral(Down): Middle Mouse

Roll ("Spinning is not flying, but it's a cool trick" - Star Wars)

toward Port: Q

toward Starboard: E


Ascend toward Dorsal (up): Spacebar

Descend toward Ventral(down): C


Toggle On: G

Toggle Off: T


Fire Bullets/Missiles: F

Land & Space:

Menus: Esc

Inventory: I (not currently implemented)


Ad Astra Periclum is a space territorial acquisition MMORPG where players will create their own characters, team up and defend their sovereignty against the alien threat in the known galaxy. The size and capabilities of the aliens are unknown; However players as a whole must find a way to not become extinct from the galaxy. The aliens are completely controlled by AI and fully have the ability to wipe out every player and fortification the players have built if the aliens are left unscathed.

Players may find themselves with a familiar way of grouping up in which are called States. States function much like expected. The player formed states own territory in the form of planets and planetary systems. These states control a wide variety of aspects like government, trade, and NPC military allocation. States resemble guild-like structure in relation to how the players are grouped. States are all part of the Confederacy known as the U.N.E. but diplomatic relations between neighboring states is up to the players. No player is without a state, if they do not belong to a player faction, they are grouped with the U.N.E. or pirates.

Players may recruit U.N.E. players and assign daily tasks by contract essentially making them an arms, miner, or trader for hire. This gives players leeway to not be subject to long exposure to states or freely allowing players to pick up the game and leave at will if they do not have a large time dedication. Players whom choose this path will find a familiar queue system allowing for easy access to these missions on the daily. States are not the only posted quests the NPC controlled U.N.E. faction will have quests players may partake in.

Smaller subsections of players are called fleets which closely resembles a party system. players can easily team up at any point in their adventure with other players, so long as their states are currently in good standing with one another. Players are automatically grouped into a fleet when queued up together.

The economy is a free market economy based on the player's interactions and available resources. As as result states may find themselves giving limited resources or choices to contracted players whom carry out missions for them. For instance, if a state is not wealthy enough to supply decent ships, weaponry, shields, and other extraneous ship parts to contractors, then their quests may be more difficult and or less desired.


Ad Astra Periclum begins with a fleet in which is guarding a diplomatic vessel named Legacy. Legacy was tasked with establishing friendly communications with an unknown alien on a nearby planet. However before the fleet could reach their destination they were ambushed by a large fleet. Legacy was lost and Fleet Admiral Fields, of the U.N.E. Defender, then calls for a tactical retreat. Afterwards, humanity as a whole bands together in a call to arms and advance much of their technology. Even so, the technological advancements prove to be insignificant in comparison to the raw destructive force of the unidentified alien presence, but humanity as a species is now able to provide minor resistance. Humanity constructed a massive fleet with its flagship U.N.E. Enforcer. Enforcer was given the sole task of counter engaging the alien threat, before the opposition is allowed additional opportunities to attack planets and other structural installments under U.N.E. protection. The U.N.E. focuses more on defensive infrastructure in order to protect the human citizens of the U.N.E., it is immediately imperative that human life outside the Milky Way is preserved. Players may be anything they so choose. Many players may choose the route of trading, engineering (crafting), and governing. These jobs are necessary to ensure the longevity of humanity. Some players may choose a more militaristic path and put their skills toward combating the alien threat. Such freedoms are also flexible, players will not be locked into professions and can pursue multiple areas of discipline given the player devotes the time.


U.N.E. (United Nations of Earth) - Humanity, under the united banner, quickly expanded largely in the Milky Way and eventually set off to other galaxies in search of habitable planets. The U.N.E. operates as a galactic confederacy where players can form states in which will unify a subset of players under a single banner. The Federal level of the U.N.E. is where players will start off as and all NPCs will be. Each state may control sectors, planets, and other holdings. Diplomatic relations between states do not have to be friendly. However strongly encouraged by the congress of the U.N.E. A state does not need to be allied to one another to send military vessels to defend their territory. However the state receiving assistance will have the option to deny the incoming assistance from entering their territory.

Unknown Aliens - Many planets have been located that are owned by the unknown aliens in which humanity keeps a watchful eye on. The aliens seem to favor defending their planets and star systems and do not mount offensives very often. The U.N.E. has reason to believe they favor protecting their citizens over combat, much like humanity.

Unknown Aliens - Humanity has reason to believe a self sufficient splinter group from the unknown aliens are assigned the task of clearing out areas of all life and harvesting resources to further sustain their nomadic fleet. Speculation suggests this fleet may be an entirely different species; Any news regarding this speculation mysteriously disappears. This fleet allegedly attacked Legacy and its escort fleet marking first contact.

Characters: (currently expanding)

Fleet Admiral Fields

Fleet Admiral Fields begins his journey as an uprising U.N.E. Naval officer. He begins his command of the U.N.E. Defender after becoming engaged to diplomatic ambassador, Allie Jones of the U.N.E. Shortly after witnessing the catastrophic unraveling of Operation: First Contact, as well as the total loss of Legacy with his fiancé on board. Fleet Admiral Fields fell into an abysmal depression, blaming his own lack of resolve for her loss. Fields found his only solace through the bottle, choosing to suffer silently. He continues his command to the best of his ability, facing the cold reality that his failures could not only end with the deaths of his crew, but also the death of humanity. Fleet Admiral Fields' sorrow quickly turns to malice toward all alien species and launches a crusade with a new flagship the U.N.E. Enforcer. His fleet now operates under a kill on sight directive, with the ultimate objective of neutralizing all alien life.

Commander Velez - *(Character from Recognized Backer)

Commander Velez has remained the CAG of U.N.E. Defender since before Operation: First Contact. His skill set is that of an ace pilot, and tactical strategist. He is arguably the best pilot the U.N.E has to offer, receiving multiple commendations from Fleet Admiral Fields during his tenure. Commander Velez's reputation for battle hardened decision making, and daredevil tactics fall second to only his younger sister, Captain Velez.

Captain Velez

Captain Velez takes command of the U.N.E. Defender in (Arbitrary stardate) as Fleet Admiral Fields is later reassigned two years later. She has become the keystone to holding defense in the Delta Omicron sector, bastion of humanity in the (unnamed) Galaxy. Delta Omicron has grown to become the main hub of all business and trade in (unnamed) Galaxy, and is arguably the safest place to exist.

Colonel Jenkins

[Naval officer - story TBD]

Allie Jones, PhD

A political/diplomatic powerhouse. Conceived Project: Legacy. Humanitarian, Alien Sympathizer/ Enthusiast. Stargazer.

"...Fear has always been the answer for mankind, fear is the innate human nature that allowed our primal ancestors to survive. However, today the goals of man are not so simple. Our goals among these new, unexplored worlds is to thrive! We must no longer allow ourselves to fear what may lie beyond the rings and moons of the Kaelara 7 system, we must rise as a people, nay, as The United Earth to discover what is hidden there, and beyond! Hope, not fear, will be our answer for the future. Hope will be our legacy."

Patricia *(Character from Recognized Backer)

Owner of the best music shop in the Galaxy. Patricia can be found on Earth's Star base selling new music to listen to during your adventures and journeys through space

Dr. Pellegrinelli *(Character from Recognized Backer)

One of the most intellectual and prevalent engineers of her time. Dr. Pellegrinelli was credited with multiple awards for her feats of engineering. Her improved propulsion techniques and invention of the warp gate provided major strides to humanity. She has moved more toward weapons and defense technologies in recent wars. Her new redesigned hulls, shields and lasers have provided humanity with weapons in which are enough to better combat the unknown alien threat. She works diligently with the government studying alien technology in order to create new weapons technologies as well as civilian technologies such as gravity warp fields.

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