April 21 to 23, 2021

Peralta Online Equity Conference

A FREE, three-day conference of
presentations, discussions, and workshops

We invite you to join us, the Peralta Community College District’s Online Equity Team, for our first Online Equity Conference that will take place virtually from April 21 to April 23, 2021. We welcome equity-minded students, educators, staff and leaders who represent colleges, universities, non-profit organizations and vendors from all around the world. Our goals are 1) to increase the visibility of all efforts to increase learning equity in higher education and 2) to bring together institutions that want to share and adopt equitable practices for all online students globally.

NOTE: Zoom login information will be sent by email to everyone who registers

UPDATE: Check page 18 of the Conference Program to find the Zoom links for each session!

Participate in live or recorded PRESENTATIONS that will share an equity strategy or equity initiative

Image: Sarah Pflug | Burst

Participate in live or asynchronous DISCUSSIONS about critical equity topics

Image: PxHere

Participate in live or recorded WORKSHOPS focused on equity in our classes or at our institutions

Image: Randy Fath | Unsplash

Pre-Recorded Poster Sessions

A number of speakers chose to pre-record short poster session videos to share their equity work.

Please visit the conference Poster Sessions page to review the videos, provide feedback and ask questions!

Image: Women of Color in Tech Chat | Flickr

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Please visit the conference Sponsors page for more details.

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