Pequannock Township Parks AND Rec Summer Theatre CAMP

First day of rehearsals! (July 2, 2018 - Week 2) We've met our friends, we've cast the roles, now we just have to learn the show!

Summer Theatre Camp: M-F / 9-12

Three Performances: 7/27 and 7/28

*Headshots for the Photo Wall: We will finish taking headshot photos for the photo wall during snack TOMORROW (THURSDAY) - if you didn't have yours taken today, you'll go tomorrow!

*Parent Volunteer Committees: We STILL need chairpersons for different committees! Please consider taking a leadership role! (It's really no big commitment) Click here: Parent Volunteer SIGN UP sheet.

*We only have two days of rehearsals left before tech week!!!! Come prepared to work so that next week is a breeeeeeeeeeeeze :)

*There's a few more props we need to borrow, please check out Prop Wish List and see if you can let us borrow a few things you may have around the house!

*Congrats to everyone who performed at the library! You proved this show is within our reach!!! All the counselors are sooooooo proud of you!!!!

Welcome to the official site of SEUSSICAL JR.!

Quick Links

Camp Calendar Choreo Videos Prop/Paint Wish List Costumes

CAMPERS and parents:

  • Schedule for Tech Week (July 23-26): M,T,W,R will be from 9 AM to 1 PM*. (*Note that camp will end one (1) hour later than it normally does.) We will not have camp on Friday, July 27th (Opening Night) due to the early call time (4-4:30 PM).
      • M,T: Tech Rehearsals for sound and spacing
      • W,R: Dress Rehearsals
      • Please try your best to be there! Absences are running rampant this summer and this is your last chance to piece the show together before you are performing on stage in front of eager audiences.
      • Complete schedule can be found here: Camp Calendar
  • Costumes: it's getting down to the wire, so I would really recommend everyone start thinking about their costumes now. You will need them by Wednesday, July 25 because we will have two days of actual dress rehearsals starting that day. Please ask Jimmy if you have any questions.
      • Your costume will have to be stored in a large brown paper bag (or bag) with your name on it which you will have to provide for yourself so that way we can keep track of whose costume is whose.
  • Memorizing: Once we teach the music and/or choreography, you have to work on committing it to memory! If you don't know something, please ask Kaitlyn or Bernadette or Jimmy to help you out! Don't forget to use the Choreo Videos page as a resource to learn/review choreography!
  • Quick Shout-Out: The high school is running a theater program for high school age children for the first time and their production of Disney's High School Musical runs this Friday @ 7 PM and Saturday at 2 PM and 7 PM.


  • Painting: We are DEFINITELY painting on Thursday (12 to no later than 2) and possibly Friday (we will try to finish Thursday, we will post if we are painting after Thursday's session).
  • Parent Volunteer Committees:
  • Ticket prices for Seussical Jr. are $10 - one price for all (see ticket order form below).



  • The Ticket Order Form can be handed in to camp any time up to Thursday, July 26th.
      • After that day, tickets will be available at the door.
      • Tickets are also available at Parks and Rec (no form needed).