People-centered innovation as a Delight

How can you easily grow your business and make your employees and customers feel excited?

The pace of change is going faster and faster. And you need an adequate response; otherwise you will lose the game. Disruption is one click away. Continuously there is a need to be innovative in your products & services, your business model and in the entire ecosystem.This puts high demands on leaders, managers and employees. Lifelong learning and diversity are indispensable. Fully using the potential of your people is the main differentiator.


Frequently you feel the fear of being disrupted. Firefighting is consuming all your time and resources. It is challenging to adequately cope with the speed of change in technology, the marketplace and in society. Also, there needs to be a mindset-shift to create a culture of innovation.

“I can say with confidence that traditional players in the US and abroad are not innovating the right way. Processes are broken, execution is too slow, politics stalls decision-making and resources are too scarce.”

“And an energized team of outside experts is what the industry really needs — an agile workforce that can act as an extension of internal teams.” ~ Scott Emmons, Neiman Marcus


Arnold Beekes is an internationally recognized innovation leader. He has extensive, global innovation experience as a Corporate Executive, as a consultant, and as a startup founder.

He has designed and implemented new products/services/business models/technologies/strategies/departments/companies.

His people-centered perspective on innovation can boost your performance.

For innovation you need a culture of engagement and learning. To get a culture of engagement and learning, you need diversity, conflict and agility. ~ Linda Hill, Harvard

Getting started

A resilient, innovative, people-powered organization won’t happen by itself. It is crucial that your people thoroughly understand that exponential change is the new normal. And that lifelong learning is the main path to be future-proof. What is needed is an unbiased-outside perspective. This cognitive diversity will make your teams address challenges faster.

Next steps

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