Mr. Recendez Physical Education

This Physical Education program is designed to expose students a variety of different sports and activities. The goal is to instill the students with a lifelong passion for physical activity.

The K-3 program prepares students for sports and athletic activity beyond PE. Students are introduced to basic skills such as throwing and catching, hand and foot dribbling, locomotor skills, striking with implements and dance.

The 4th-8th grade curriculum includes traditional sports like soccer, football, and basketball as well as non traditional sports like ultimate frisbee, and disc golf. Fitness is also integral to the PE program. Students’ cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance are measured in tests like the mile run, pacer, push-up and curl-up throughout the year. In addition, students are exposed to dance which is a California Physical Education standard.

On this website you can find more information on student expectations, grading rubrics and curriculum.

4th-8th Grade

K-3rd Grade