We are grateful to our sponsors for this event. Please see the descriptions below for those who have contributed in a variety of ways to make this event possible. If you wish to sponsor some aspect of the derby please email Plucky@PenduckyDerby.ca

Pender Lions Club

The Pender Lions Club is supporting the Penducky Derby by providing all ducks, floats and documentation on prior events. We greatly appreciate this support and want to encourage people to consider membership in this community organization.

Business and Community Organization Contributions

Thanks to....

  • CRD, specifically John Chapman, for seeing our parks permit processed
  • Dan at Big Digem Excavating & Trucking for dumping our ducks off bridge
  • Joe Dunning, Graphic Artist - Graphics related to Derby
  • Sarah Gayle, Artist - Graphics related to Derby
  • Deryk & Becky Gooding - Gooding Cater Company - Race Day treats
  • Anne Smith and Melanie Chernyk, Talisman Books and Gallery Lt. - Ticket Sales
  • Kim Gerts, Western Financial Group - Ticket Sales
  • Natalie Mattson at Poets Cove - Ticket Sales
  • Melody Pender, Community Resources Center - Ticket Sales


In addition to our sponsors, we would like to acknowledge the terrific efforts of our volunteers for the 2018 Penducky Derby. [Please let Deb know if you name should be listed here somewhere as she is updating the list]

  • Barb McPherson and Bill Morris - Invaluable information on prior Derbys
  • Deb Morrison - Derby Organization, Ticket Sales, Land-based Duck Herding, Race Day Support
  • Peter Pare - Derby Organization, Ticket Sales, Race Day Support
  • Kenta Kikuchi & Marina Garlick - Life of a Duck video creation, Race Day Video
  • Robb Zuk - Website and digital financial support
  • Marina Garlick - Ticket Sales, Land-based Duck Herding, Race Day Game Support
  • Seth Garlick - Ticket Sales, Land-based Duck Herding, Race Day Traffic, Race Day Game Support
  • Paul Weyer - Ticket Sales, collecting past history of Derby, Race Day Support
  • Tania Honan - Ticket Sales, Land-based Duck Herding, Race Day Support
  • Barry Mathias - Ticket Sales
  • Lisa Baile - Ticket Sales, Treasurer
  • Peter Easthope - Ticket Sales
  • Natasia Ilkiw - Ticket Sales
  • Thomas Boland - Ticket Sales
  • Andrea Mills - Ticket Sales
  • Karen Parker - Ticket Sales
  • Grace Parker - Ticket Sales
  • Dave Roberts - Ticket Sales
  • Julia Nicholls - Ticket Sales
  • Gregory Nicholls - Ticket Sales
  • Margot Venton - Land-based Duck Herding
  • Meredith Boyd - Land-based Duck Herding
  • Sitka Honan-Smith - Land-based Duck Herding
  • Gavin Watson - Land-based Duck Herding
  • Trevor Farais - Race Day Traffic and Game support
  • Graham Garlick - Land and Water-based Duck Herding, Float Management
  • Niall Parker - Marine Safety and Boat Management and his race day support crew
  • Bruce McConchie - Water-based Race Day Support (and Ben's motor and Everest's boat!)
  • Various kayakers and people in canoes whose names we didn't catch (email if you are one of them - Plucky@PenduckyDerby.ca) - Water-based Duck Herding

Volunteer for 2019 Now

We are collecting names of interested folks so we can start early for the planning of the next Penducky Derby. Anything you want to see changed, added?....Step up and volunteer to make this event even better. You can let us know to put you on the 2019 Penducky Derby list by completing this brief survey.