And the winners are.....

Thanks to everyone who made the revival of the Penducky Derby so awesome this year!! Please take a minute and look over the amazing list of volunteers and thank them as you pass them on the Islands.

The 2018 Penducky Derby winners this year are:

1. Ticket 2438 - Laurie Auchterlonie - Wins $1000 cash prize

2. Ticket 1670 - Andy Baker - Wins $500 cash prize

3. Ticket 1610 - ticket not sold - could have been you????

4. Ticket 1345 - Nuala Stafford - Wins $500 cash prize (to be collected by Jim or Tina)

Other winners....

  • The community bus which has now just under $5000 in operating funds to provide service to Pender Island residents!!!
  • All the amazing spectators on Mortimer Spit who had awesome community spirit cheering along the ducks.
  • All the volunteers who participated in an event that had a lot of moving pieces and made everyone smile.
  • The numerous community members who talked to us over the past months about how happy they were to see this event reestablished in the community.

Again big thanks for all the support!


Race Day Logistics!!!

June 24th, 2018 is coming!! We are excited by all the interest in the revival of the Penducky Derby and encourage race day participation. Please read below for the details of the event. Don't forget COSTUMES ARE ENCOURAGED!!!

Land Based Spectators

We encourage all spectators to gather on Mortimer Spit no later than 12:45. You won't be able to drive onto the spit but will need to park just to the west of the bridge on South Pender so come early so you can make the five minute walk down to the spit. If you are bringing someone in that cannot walk that far, please let traffic control know and you can drop people off at the spit and then go park on road.

We will also be organizing duck themed games from 12:30 onwards, so come and join in.

Boat Based Spectators

We also encourage viewing from boats but ask that you keep well clear of the barrier crew at the mouth of the canal by the spit. All boat viewers should be wearing appropriate PFD. SAR will be on that side of the spit to manage traffic. No one will be allowed between the bridge and spit from about 12:50-1:30 so plan accordingly if you are passing through area.

The 2018 Derby

The Ducks of Pender Island will compete in the next Penducky Derby on June 24, 2018 between noon and 2:00pm (Ducks go in water at 1:00pm so bridge will not be passable for about a half hour around that time) at Mortimer Spit on Pender Island. No vehicles will be allowed onto the spit that day so plan on taking the community bus, walking, or parking along Ainslie Point Road.

Ducks Sponsored!!!

1342 out of 2114

What is the Penducky Derby?

The Penducky Derby is a fundraiser for the Moving Around Pender community organization that was previously run by the Pender Island Lions Club. On the day of the Derby our racing ducks will be dumped into the canal between North and South Pender Island off of the bridge (which will be closed briefly at this time). The ducks will then race out towards Mortimer Spit on the tidal flush. All ducks will be contained within floats at both ends of the canal (thus boat traffic will also be limited at this moment). At the Mortimer Spit end of the canal there will be a funnel where ducks come through the barrier with the first three ducks winning the cash prizes. All remaining ducks will be collected by the folks in the water on kayaks and small boats.

We encourage spectators to gather at Mortimer Spit itself (thanks so much to Parks for our permit on the spit), parking will be on the south side of the bridge on Ainslie Point Road. No parking will be allowed on the Spit itself. Please plan accordingly to get across the bridge, park and make it down to the spit before the ducks are dumped into the water.

Sponsoring a Duck

If you want to sponsor a Duck in the Penducky Derby to be eligible for prizes you will need to visit one of the sale locations around Pender. No online sales are possible due to our gaming license. However, if you wish to donate to the Moving Around Pender without duck sponsorship, please see link at bottom of the page.


Tickets cost $5 per duck. Local cheques, cash or credit cards can be accepted. You MUST purchase a ticket from one of our ticket sellers. Proceeds from this year's sale of tickets will go to support the Moving Around Pender Alternative Transportation Society's community bus and trails.

Ticket numbers range from 1001-2115

Current locations for ticket purchases include:

  • Community Hall during the Friday community gatherings or Saturday markets.
  • Driftwood Plaza through: Community Resources Center, Talisman (Cash or local cheques only), or Western Financial Group Inc.
  • From individuals such as Peter Pare, Deb Morrison, Seth and Marina Garlick, Paul Weyer, Tania Honan, Barry Mathias, Lisa Baile, Peter Easthope, Peter Murphy, Thomas Boland, Garth Anderson. [If you want to sell tickets please phone Deb Morrison at 250-539-8200].


Chances are 1 in 2114 to win the grand prize.

Total prizes to be awarded in 2018 are worth $2000:

  • Grand Prize $1000
  • Two second prizes of $500 each

Method of Determining Winners

Prizes will be determined by the first three ducks to go through the winning chute on the east end of the Penducky Derby course. Ducks will race on June 24, 2018 at Mortimer Spit. Ducks go in the water at 1:00 pm (so the bridge will be briefly blocked at this point) so we suggest getting to the spit no later than 12:30.

Rules of Play

These rules apply to any ticket holder for the Penducky Derby:

  • Winning tickets in the name of a minor will need to be claimed by guardian 19+.
  • All winners names will be published on this web page and winners will be phoned, if not there in person to claim prizes, in the week following the Penducky Derby.
  • There are no limitations on the number of tickets that can be purchased.
  • Tickets may be sold and purchased only in British Columbia.
  • Winners do not need to be present to win.
  • Prizes unclaimed after one month will be allocated to the next duck in line eg. 4th or 5th place winners.

Please check back here for further details as they become available.

Environmental Health

To ensure that we protect our ocean environment, all ducks have been cleaned and sealed to ensure that there is not contamination moving from ducks into the ocean in any way. All ducks are recycled from year to year to avoid wastage. If a wayward duck gets lost please return them to the Moving Around Pender folks.

2018 Derby Contact Information

Licencee for 2018 Penducky Derby

Moving Around Pender Alternative Transportation Society

3209 Armadale Road

Pender Island BC

V0N 2M1

2018 Organizers for Penducky Derby - Deb Morrison, 250-539-8200 or Peter Pare, 250-222-0358

Moving Around Pender Alternative Transportation Society

The Penducky Derby is a fundraiser for the Moving Around Pender Alternative Transportation Society, the Pender Island non-profit promoting bike routes, car sharing, multi-use pathways and the community bus.

The purposes of the Moving Around Pender Alternative Transportation Society are:

a. To provide and support integrated, safe, environmentally friendly ways of moving around the Penders including: walking, biking, ride sharing and public transit;

b. To address issues associated with increasing population and visitor use of the Islands, environmental problems including climate change and social concerns including health and safety by providing a community forum for exploring transportation alternatives to the dominant use of the car; and

c. To develop a network of like-minded and mutually supportive individuals and groups interested in alternative transportation throughout the Gulf Islands.

Poster Resources for 2018

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