Welcome to the Pelham Regional Pipe Band page. Our band was founded and incorporated in New York State in January of 2019. Beginning as a small group of friends that gathered to play a bit, our ranks grew as additional enthusiasts came to play. Our members range from experienced pipers and drummers to beginners and those hoping to "shake off" their rust after years away from a pipe band.

Our goal is simple...to play the pipes and drums together and well. We are all on a journey to learn more, and while we are, we want to have a great time. Our band wants to strike a good balance between the importance of improving while respecting one another and what we bring to the band. The members of the band are committed to tuning up, playing in unison, and then when that's over, hanging out together. Our hope is to play simple tunes well before moving on to more complex pieces.

This is the beginning of a journey for us. We have a one year plan to fundraise, buy drums, and outfit our players in a new uniform. We'll be hitting the streets soon and we'd love to have you join us if you're interested in growing a band from the ground up. Good people of all levels are welcome, and we'd be happy to teach drumming or piping to those willing to learn and are committed to our goal.

We have been fortunate to reunite with old friends and make new ones. We hope you'll consider joining us to do the same!