Pegues-Coleman Family Reunion

July 19th-21st 2024
Atlanta, GA

A three-day gathering filled with family fun, legacy, unity and more. Our goal is to celebrate generations of family, learn for one another, meet someone new and embrace unity.

Day 1

Meet and Greet

Day 2

Picnic and sight seeing with the family

Day 3

Breakfast and worship

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Planning Committee

Matthew Visor


Melinda Taylor


Yolanda Gibson


Kirk Pegues

Finanical Advisor

Stacy Pegues


Kenneth Pegues

Board Member

Sharon Millsap

Board Member

Kimberly Jones

Board Member

LaDonna Johnson

Board Member

Sonya Pegues-Jackson

Board Member

Kendra Pegues

Board Member

Waymon Jeffries

Board Member


Let us know if you'll be attending!