The "Pegasus" program is bi-annual, advanced development program of facilitators. The goal is to provide both substantive and business support during interactive online meetings to enable facilitators to grow and develop their business.



Support in running business as Horse Assisted Facilitator

Supervision of the workshops

Initiating individual task trainings between meetings

Access to recorded online meetings and expert lectures


We would like to support you in:

  • Creating your offer
  • Building Your personal brand
  • Building Your community
  • Acquiring customers as well individual and groups (business or other subjects)

Through the program, we would like you to:

  • gain self-confidence in running development programs
  • developed and build your successful business and personal brand
  • Get the support of the community of other facilitators
  • Get the support from us
  • Built your professionalism

For whom:

We would like to create a committed and proactive group. First of all we invite those who want to act and build their business as a facilitator of development programs with horses and continue to learn.

Graduates of Horse Assisted Education Professional education.

Facilitators who already run their business and would like to develop more, be more successfull or re-design their business.

About us:

David Harris and Agata Wiatrowska

David Harris

David Harris is an internationally acclaimed trainer, speaker and coach. He has over 29 years experience in the corporate domain with focus on leadership, experiential learning and high performing teams. He has a wealth of experience in running multimillion-pound organisations, project/programme management, account management and sales.

He is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Success Factor Modelling Practitioner, ICF PCC Certified Coach, Group Mastery Practitioner and Trainer and a Pioneering Trainer of Equine Guided Learning of all types.

He is passionate about people and their ability to achieve their goals in the way that works for them best. David says “All I want is for people to be able to be their best”

His broad business experience together with excellent NLP, coaching and training abilities provide clients with an extremely powerful coaching or training experience.

Agata Wiatrowska

Facilitator, leader at HorseSense (Poland based leading organization in the field of Horse Assisted Education), professional coach and HorseDream Partner , she is pioneer in this field of Horse Assisted Education in Poland and in Europe (since 2006).

She integrates in her work different approaches to people development (humanistic psychology, non-voilent communication, process-oriented psychology). Horses are main partner in her work. She works with organizations (run HAE workshop for more then 300 companies), individual clients (longterm programme Leadership Academy, longterm programme The way of the women), facilitators (Train the trainer, School of facilitation, HorseDream Licence) and online (self-awareness courses for people and their horses). She has profound leadership experience - 10 years as consultant and manager in PwC both in Poland and Germany working for hundrunds of companies to increase their potencial. She is Director of the European Association for Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE) and organized two EAHAE conferences in Poland 2008 ("Widden-the-horizons") and 2013 ("Leadership-with-the-heart"). She is the co-author of book “Manager learning from horses” published in 2013 and author of a book "Horse as trainer. About horse assisted education and lessons from the horse as trainer" published 2016 in Poland and soon avaible in English.

Elements of the program:

Every month Masterminds * lasting approx. 1.5 hours. Some of the meetings will have a theme, the rest will be based on your questions, challenges and discussing your trainings. Masterminds will be recorded, so if someone does not take part, it will be easy to access the information and set goals for the next month.

* Mastermind is a small group of people meeting regularly to provide mutual help, give advice, motivate and present their talents to the other members of the group, supporting them to develop their business easily and quickly.

The Mastermind Mastermind agenda:

Knowledge pill - lectures on important topics (business knowledge, current experiences from our programs, lessons, conclusions)

From the facilitator's practice - one of the program participants presents their profound business experience, on which he learned a lot.

"Hot seat" so-called hot saddle - depending on the time available - 2-4 people discuss their questions, challenges and share something. Participants can apply to the "hot saddle" earlier in the group on FB. With a large group , we rotate people so that every 2 months everyone will be on a "hot seater". The topics are chosen specifically to contribute as much as possible to the group. After listening to the challenge, the problems and the questions - the groupshare ideas, knowledge and perspective.

Planning the next steps to be taken by each participant.

Topics - leading subject of masterminds:

  • Designing business model (who is your client, what value do you deliver and how)
  • Customer centric approach
  • Marketing online made easy
  • Creating successful marketing tools (webinar, newsletter, blog content)
  • Creating and leading 121 programmes
  • Creating and leading open Programs
  • Building long term sustainable partnerships to get business clients

The platform we will use for Mastermind is Zoom - it is intuitive and enables excellent online meetings.

Ongoing Development

To support your learning and growth between meetings you will be required to take action. Examples of these actions are:-

  • Create a business model
  • Prep for a Webinar
  • Run a Webinar
  • Create a Marketing strategy
  • Prep a Marketing workshop
  • Run a Marketing workshop

We propose the actions for you, but the final decision what you choose is depending where you are at the moment.


The program is long-term commitment, participation in it should be a minimum of 6 months.

Mastermind online meetings are on Mondays 20.00 CET. Meetings are recorded, so you can catch up if you are unable to attend. You must attend at least 4 meetings live.

Dates in 2018: Always a Monday

28th May, 25th June, 23rd July, 13th August, 17th September, 29th October.

Number of participants:

Min 6 Max 10


Price Euro 70 per month +VAT in first edition (110 Euro per month + VAT).

We require a commitment of participation for 6 months.


Submissions by application form:

Please apply till 20th Mai 2018!

After we confirm your participation, please use this button to pay:

Do you have any questions?:

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