Pedro Taucce, PhD

Molecular Phylogenetics, Evolution, and Herpetology

Welcome to my website!

My research interest lies in integrating several disciplines, such as bioacoustics, molecular phylogenetics, and morphology, in order to understand the diversity and evolution of amphibians, as well as the processes promoting these.

I am currently a CAPES Postdoctoral Fellow at the Postgraduate Program in Tropical Biodiversity of the Federal University of Amapá (UNIFAP), under the supervision of Dr. Fernanda Michalski in collaboration with Dr. Carlos Eduardo Costa-Campos. In this ongoing project, we aim to synthesize the current knowledge about amphibian diversity, geographic distribution, and natural history in the Amazon forest in order to identify knowledge gaps and understand the variation of the functional and phylogenetic diversity through environmental and geographical gradients.

I believe it is necessary to know science in order to like and respect it. So, another important part of my work regards science outreach. Since 2019, I am part of a project called Cururu (“toad” in Tupi, one of the native Brazilian languages). Through the project, we plan events and activities in parks and other public places and also use social networks aiming to inform people about amphibians. I am also part of a science outreach podcast called Dragões de Garagem, where we try to disseminate science in an interesting and comprehensive way.

When I am not working, I like playing card and board games, cooking, running, and listening to music. I am a folk music enthusiast, and I play a Brazilian instrument called "viola caipira" (10-string Brazilian guitar). I also enjoy my free moments listening to folk music from all over the world, but when I am running I love listening to the good old rock and roll.

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