What is a Pedabyte?

A 'pedabyte' is a snack-sized 'byte' of CPD or advice. As a computing lead and a practising teacher, I wanted to be able to share my, potentially limited, experience. Ped - for pedagogy and Byte - for my love of computing.

However, make no mistake this is not just all about computing. This is a place for me to share my 'wisdom' and my 'experience'. Someone once told me that experience is more than just time served. There is just as much to learn from an NQT as there is from a teacher with 15 years of experience.



I have worked in education for over 8 years. I volunteered in a primary classroom one day a week, and because of this, I was lucky enough to get a job at that same school as a Learning & Equalities mentor.

Working with children who would otherwise find it difficult to access the curriculum in traditional ways by creating films and animations, based on what they had been learning in school. This led me to continue my love of computing and how it can enrich education.

Like many PGCE students, my teaching practice had its peaks and troughs, which I believe helped me to develop a strong sense of what my 'teaching' self and pedagogical style were. I kept somewhat quiet about my computing 'nerdery' during my NQT year, then couldn't help myself. Since then, I have delivered CPD to teachers and trainees; become a Barefoot ambassador; CAS community leader and developed resources for the classroom, among many other things.

I will continue to develop my practice and hopefully yours along with me through this site, Twitter and my face-to-face or digital CPD offer.