Your Best Path for SUCCESS!

The core of all of P.E. Calhoun's talks, Your Best Path for SUCCESS! covers the area of personal development.

Topics covered are:

  • An individuals personal philosophy and its affect on our outcomes in life.
  • How our thoughts control our physiology.
  • Governing Laws.
  • And more...

Close the Deal

Turning a prospects 'no' into a customers 'yes' (30 min.)

How To Sell Yourself To Employers

FULL 4 HOUR WORKSHOP (Includes: Personal Presence, Tangible Presence, Online Presence, Creating Your Opportunity)

Also available individually.

Personal Presence - (45 min. Power Point Presentation)

Tangible Presence - (45 min. Power Point Presentation with handouts)

A job seekers tangible presence is an important part of any job seeking endeavor. It's what the interviewer will hold onto once the interview is over. A constant advertisement reflecting on the job seeker. A reflection that can either make or break the deal. The most popular presentation in the series, it covers Resumes, Cover Letters, and more.

Online Presence - (45 min. Power Point Presentation with video)

Creating Your Opportunity - (45 min. Power Point Presentation)

Write Your Book

What you should know before you begin

Help You Didn't Know Existed

A look into assistance programs most people don't know exists (45 min. Power Point Presentation with handouts.)

Did you know...

  • Women can get FREE mammograms, biopsies and treatment! Even if you have no insurance and don't qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.
  • If you're a victim of a violent crime, you can get a check from the government to help get you back on your feet.
  • Do you know the program that forgives student debt? P.E. Calhoun knows about these and more.

Help You Didn't Know Existed is a look into these, and many other programs, that people can take advantage of - but only if they know about them.

Love - A talk on love and it's importance to our existence (45 min. with hugs afterwards)