Products for More Efficient Lot Management

Managers of trucking companies, shipping fleets, delivery services, and logistics businesses have a great many tasks to complete in a day. It is easy to forget to order parts and fluids for maintenance, lose track of safety inspections for each vehicle, and miss a delivery deadline on occasion. Services and products that can help with management efficiency will save businesses time, money, and aggravation. Some inefficiencies are minor while others can be costly.

Dealing with Exhaust Fluid

Vehicles that operate on diesel fuel, which includes most commercial cars and trucks, also need to have diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) on board in a separate tank. The exhaust system functions to keep environmental emissions within federal guidelines. Utilizing a pure fluid keeps emissions as low as possible and helps with fuel efficiency. Filling that tank on the lot will last for approximately seven-thousand miles. This eliminates extra stops, the use of a company credit card, and extra invoices for accounting to figure out.

Drivers do not have to worry about adding fluid on the road. Managers do not need to deal with a lesser quality fluid being put through the exhaust systems. The purity is affected by exposure to metal because diesel exhaust fluid corrodes metal and particles can fall into the fluid from pumps, tanks, or storage containers that contain metal. The more control managers have over the storage and distribution of fluid, the better the purity can be maintained. This process on the lot will also help control expenditures and save money.

A One Stop Company

One of the purest exhaust fluids on the market is BlueDEF which is manufactured by PEAKHD. The company has a nationwide network of vehicles and storage areas to deliver equipment and exhaust fluid to lots anywhere in the country. Equipment includes underground storage tanks and pumps for large lots, solutions for medium lots, and portable storage and pump options for small lots. All available equipment is designed to expose the fluid to zero metal components.

Another component that will affect exhaust fluid is that it freezes at twelve degrees Fahrenheit. Storage that is kept outside must be insulated to keep the fluid from freezing. The company has built-in insulation for some storage solutions and insulated covers that can be added to others. A professional will visit the lot, assess the needs, and make recommendations that will suit the business practices, schedules, and budget. Delivery can be scheduled on a regular basis or be done on an on-call just-in-time arrangement.