Potty training is a HUGE deal! We're asking our children to redirect a lifelong habit.

I want to help you make this transition as smooth as possible.

I know first-hand how tough parenting a toddler can be (boy, do I ever!). It's all good and normal, but when you add pee and poop to the mix, you've set yourself up for the granddaddy of all power struggles.

I specialize in Jamie Glowacki's "Oh Crap!" curriculum that has already worked for tens of thousands of children, including my own. It offers super-practical, "real world" guidelines to navigate the modern parent through the sometimes turbulent waters of potty training while maintaining harmony in the household.

Though most families won't need support beyond the book, I'm here to help you if you do... because potty training can and does go awry, despite the best intentions of us as parents.

I'm not a doctor, a child psychologist, or a magician. I'm just a teacher, wife, and mom of crazy-wonderful little boy who adores and believes in this work, and I'd be delighted to have a hand in growing the self-esteem of you and your little one.