Peace Camp Chicago

Covid 19 Update

Dear Peace Camp family,

This is the announcement we have been postponing for weeks now, because we couldn’t bear to say it out loud or write it. There can be no Peace Camp this summer.

We are working on some kind of Peace Camp encounter which we will be able to share with campers, which would involve as little screen/zoom time as possible and require as little parent supervision as possible. All of us are pushed to our limits at least a couple times a week, and we don’t believe offering yet another thing you parents have to supervise closely would help anyone achieve peace in their heart.

Our theme for this year will be “Who is My Neighbor?”, as originally planned. We're going to try to incorporate as much as we can around this theme, and since we all still care for the Earth we’ll have some activities on that topic too. We’ll have some of our traditional “special” activities too, along with some art and music. Stay tuned for details!

I already miss seeing everyone. The hugs, laughter, voices, and words from Peace Camp are with me throughout the year. I am focusing on moving onward, towards a world that is better for all, rather than “back to normal”. I invite you to join me.


Jen Holt Enriquez,

Founder and Director

Youth ages 4-14 are guided in cooperation and conflict resolution. Campers learn skills to approach their problems peacefully and to create their own solutions to the injustices they see in the world. **Brookfield campers must be at least 6 years old.

* Cooperative Games

* Art

* Yoga

* World spirituality

* Music and more

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