Pedro Alves

PhD. candidate

Institute of Computing, University of Campinas - Brazil.

pedro.alves at



Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Campinas, MSc in Computer science and currently a PhD. candidate in the same university supervised by Professor Diego F. Aranha. His research is focused on information security, in particular cryptography and functional encryption; and high performance computing. Furthermore, has works in geophysics and biology on the development of specialized software using CUDA platform.

He has experience with parallel programming using CUDA and popular parallel libraries for CPU such as PThreads, OpenMP and MPI; and is a fluent Python programmer with deep knowledge in the language and its particularities.

Formal education

2016-Today PhD. candidate in Computer Science, University of Campinas
2020: PhD. guest at the Department of Computer Science of the Aarhus University

2014-2016 MSc in Computer Science, University of Campinas

2008-2013 BSc in Applied and Computational Mathematics, University of Campinas