Process Engineering

Our process engineering services include the following:

  • Drawing up process data sheets for equipment
  • Sizing of equipment, e.g. vessels, tanks, pumps, pipes etc.
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies
  • Conceptual design process packages
  • Basic engineering process packages
  • Interfacing with other design departments during design phase
  • Verification of existing designs
  • Line and tie-in lists

We also offer the following process drafting services:

  • Layout and drafting of new Process Flow Diagram (PFD) and Mechanical Flow Diagrams (MFDs)
  • Drafting of existing MFD drawings before modifications are done
  • As-Built (red line) of existing MFD or PFD drawings on site
  • CAD software drafting of redlined and existing drawing