The 1-day Workshop "PDE models for cancer invasion" will take place at

Mathematical Sciences Research Centre, School of Mathematics and Physics, Queen’s University Belfast

in room TBA

on Friday 6 December 2019.

Aims and Scope

Cancer cell invasion of tissue is an essential stage in the development and expansion of tumours and their metastases. Deduction of mathematical models describing this multifaceted process in terms of PDEs and their subsequent analysis and simulations can contribute to a better understanding of the involved biological phenomena and enable predictions about the development and the extent of a tumour. A realistic mathematical modelling of migration of living cancer cells is much more involved than, e.g., that of physical particles. It calls for new classes of models and, as a result, for new approaches in the modelling, analysis, and numerical simulations.

This workshop aims to present recent developments in this area.

Invited Speakers

Tentative programme

13:30-14:00 Get together with coffee and cakes

14:00-15:00 Talk by Anna Zhigun on TBA

15:00-16:00 Talk by Raluca Eftimie on TBA

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

16:30-17:30 Talk by Kevin Painter on TBA

17:30-19:00 Reception and discussions with the speakers open to all participants

19:30 Conference dinner


The workshop is open to everyone. There are no conference fees. Registration starts on TBA.

Travel to Belfast

There is helpful information on the QUB travel web page. Flying to Dublin is sometimes easier (and cheaper) than flying to Belfast. There are regular bus connections from Dublin Airport to Belfast and back (travel time around two hours; check for example Aircoach or Translink buses).


Participants are required to make their own arrangements.


This meeting is supported by an LMS Celebrating New Appointments Scheme 9 grant as well and the Mathematical Sciences Research Centre.


Please contact the Workshop organiser Anna Zhigun

On the banner: breast carcinoma in a lymph node. An adaptation of https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Breast_carcinoma_in_a_lymph_node.jpg