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Finding the right company to rebuild your website or even to design a brand new one from scratch, can be a daunting task for some businesses, even if you have a technical team on board. You might have written down some ideas, planned a basic style, and gathered up some content in preparation about what is going into the site, but have you created a web strategy? The modern websites of today, have ever greater needs placed upon them and you as a business need to make sure those needs are met. Did you know that you need to create markup that includes screen reader text, so as to make your website accessible to the disabled and partially sighted? What about having an accurate privacy policy, or a cookie consent form as part of the GDPR in European law? All these things needs to be planned and incorporated and usually that comes during the initial stages, as part of the white sheet design process.

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Getting a redesign done on your business web profile if you have an existing website needs to be done using the latest technology and frameworks. Not only are you looking to tick all the boxes legally in terms of screen reader text and privacy policy pages, you need to make sure that the site is accessible to all mobile devices and that includes ipads and iphones.

Using media queries in the CSS (cascading style sheets) is part of the processes of making your site widely accessible and one of the most common frameworks that comes pre built with these media queries is bootstrap. Other frameworks are available but Bootstrap which was made by the developers at twitter has become the leading framework, and can easily be included in your code but dropping in a CDN stored link which has their style sheets included.

Creating new web designs should take into consideration the greatly understood and widely documented data around the flow of website users and how important it is to put effort into sculpting a great UX (user experience). As most projects are about getting customers to click onto your contact or services page, you need to have the layout flow them to the right place and to make it easy for them to make that choice. This process is referred to as click funneling and ironically is likened to herding in a sheep!

Modern website do so much more than just display information, they are used to take bookings, create points of contact for your business, display up to date information from a public API and can even have more complex function like a quote system or facilitate a payment processor like paypal or stripe for purchases.

E-commerce is one of the best uses of a new website and many businesses now use their online shop as the main source of revenue and income for their company. With a large resource of shipping and available delivery networks, online retail is now the largest attack vector for people when it comes to selling products.

By contacting the right company to take care of your website design, development or rebuild, you will be in good hands and have all the modern requirements taken care of! Don’t let the future run away with you, take action now and join in the online community of e-commerce and local business!

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