PCHS Community Days

Student Survey Activity (Short) Bell Schedule

Per 1 7:50AM – 9:26AM

Nut 9:26AM – 9:46AM

Per 3 9:53AM – 11:34AM

Activity 11:34AM – 11:49AM

Lunch 11:49AM – 12:23PM

Per 5 12:30PM – 2:06PM

Per 7 2:13PM – 3:08PM

Student Body Climate Survey


1) Students must take out their devices to complete the survey, and sign in to their Pali High school Gmail account.

2) While students are taking out their devices, please read out loud the brief description below:

"This survey was created and will be monitored by the ASB Leadership class in order to better grasp the climate of the student body at Pali, and to be better informed on how to improve the overall experience for the next school year. Students should answer all questions honestly in order for the ASB class to receive input that is worthwhile. All results will be anonymous.

Students must access the survey through their Pali High school emails, and they must complete the survey for their respective grade level - this survey may only be taken once per email account. THE FORM WILL OPEN AT 11:30 AM ON TUESDAY, 4/23, AND WILL CLOSE AT 10:30 AM ON WEDNESDAY, 4/24. The ASB class thanks everyone for their time and contributions to the betterment of the Pali campus!"

3) It is crucial that students select the correct link for their grade level:

9th Graders will use the survey link below:

10th-12th Graders will use the survey link below:

4) Students are strongly encouraged to provide input for each section that applies to them, but may select “NO” as an option rather than providing incomplete data.

5) Students should finish the survey in class, during the allotted time period. The form will close and no longer accept responses at 10:30 AM on Wednesday, 4/24.

Thank you for your cooperation! Once again, please strongly encourage your students to answer honestly, and provide input that will in turn benefit their experience at Pali. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to email: asbvicepresident@pchs.palihigh.org.