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Hitchhiker! Baby octopus on a members gear.


A baby octopus hitchhiking a ride on a members gear at a recent Jetties Shore dive. (S)He was returned safely to the water.

Photo Credit: Julia Yates

Jetties Shore Dive

The beauty of our local shore dive always astounds me! So if you hear there is nothing to see, odds are they are blind!

Jetties Clean Up!

We conduct multiple Jetties Clean Ups every year as a club. Not only do you get a chance to help the environment, but we usually have great prizes and free food/drink at such events.

This is over 300 pounds of debris that PC Dive Club removed from our local shore dive site at St. Andrews State Park. This is just a fraction of what accumulates over the course of the year.

The majority of that debris is fishing line.... it takes a WHOLE LOT of fishing line to make 300 pounds!