Membership Benefits

HALF PRICE Tank Fills/Rentals: Members will enjoy unlimited half price air and Nitrox tank fills/rentals from Panama City Diving.

    • There is a cap of 3 tanks per member per day.
    • Each member renting tanks at this discounted rate must be present and provide their dive club membership card at time of rental.
    • Each member must return their rented tanks within 24 hours as any other regular customer, or be charged for an extra day(s) rental.

$55 (2) Tank Inshore Dives, $65 (2) Tank Off Shore, $65 (2) Tank Night Dives, and $85 (3) Tank Dives! Tanks not included in price.

    • For existing dives trips that have already “Made” (Already have 3 or more people confirmed for trip) Members can not book their reduced rate spot until they are within 3 days of the specific dive trip.
      • Example: If you want this reduced rate for an existing Saturday Dive you cannot reserve your spot on that boat any earlier than Thursday.
    • The Club may schedule a dive trip for an advance date farther than 3 days out by securing it with 7 members’ deposits or more.
      • Blackout dates apply, at the discretion of Panama City Diving.
      • All unused spots are available to general public for charter and are based on first come first serve.
      • If the 7 members minimum is not reached, members understand they will be charged at the regular diver rate.
        • Example: Dive Shop does not have a dive boat going out on a specific date a month from now and we as the club want to initiate a dive trip that date. We would have to have at least 7 members contact the shop and put down deposits for that trip to make.
        • Example: In the above example, we only get 4 members by the date of the trip, all members would be charged at the regular rate for that trip.

33% Off ALL Diving Courses! Members will get a 33% reduced rate off any Padi course offered thru Panama City Diving.

    • Discount only applies to the individual member's cost. Excludes Discover Scuba, and Basic Open Water Certifications.
    • In order for discount to apply to members the class must have a minimum of 4 people attending. (member or non-members count toward class count).
    • If 4 people are not in attendance of the class the member will be charged the regular diver rate.