Palkar Convention 2020

4pm on Fri 10th to 4pm on Sat 11th of July 2020 in Michigan.

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Welcome to Palkar Convention 2020 Website!

This is the Home page of a temporary website to share the details of PC2020, until a much user friend permanent site will be created.

This site provides the following, through the links accessible on the menu bar:

  • Communications - Details of meetings with North America Regional Coordinators (NARCs) and Surveys sent to North America Palkars (NAPs) are included in this page.
  • Media - Digital artifacts (Flyer, Teasers, Gallery, Stickers, etc.) created by PC2020 team are published in this page.
  • FAQ - Contains a list of FAQs grouped by categories such as General, Registration, Food, etc.

Thank you for visiting the site.