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Phone Line Repairs in Sydney

If you want phone line repairs, in your PSTN, ADSL or VDSL service we have you covered. We're ACMA registered cablers that provide our Sydney customers the highest level of support at a price that's hard to beat. People just like you use our service daily to address their internet speed and dropout difficulties.

PBY Telecom

Address: 2/193 Newbridge Rd, Chipping Norton NSW 2170

Phone: (02) 8740 9035

Mobile: 0451044633



Experienced Telephone Technicians

PBY Telecom has a solid group of educated and Licensed ACMA Telephone Technicians for all your essential phone line repairs. With our expertise, skills, precision and support, each individual phone technician will make certain to supply you with the answer to any issues regarding your internet or phone for your company or residence located in Sydney.

Our phone technician will visit your premises, perform a fault finding process and follow along with fixes to your phone line. We'll then give you a professional report via email with our analysis and findings from the phone repair.

Our team is composed of phone technicians who specialise in locating true faults and providing you with telephone line repairs, stress-free.

Our Telephone Technician Sydney are well equipped with the perfect testing tools and devices to recognise where and why you're experiencing issues with your internet or phone lines and then further supply you with an answer to your problem. Your satisfaction is at our phone technicians greatest interest, and they'll not say a job is complete until your phone lines are clear, your internet connection is fast and uninterrupted along with your phone and internet can be found in all the areas you need them inside your premises and needless to say, you're happy.

Our phone technicians Sydney are qualified telecommunication specialists, fully equipped with testing equipment to diagnose your telephone lines and take out any work required. We won't leave until we're sure everything is working, so quality is firmly assured.

Phone line flaws requiring repair at your Sydney house, we know need to be rectified straight away. If you don't have a dial tone, then it can be a really frustrating experience. Likely more disheartening will be a telephone line that's emitting all types of static sound, refraining you from having clear phone conversations.

Your need to get your phone line repaired and restored back to normal and efficient operation is answered with the utmost immediacy by PBY Telecom. We're an ACMA accredited phone line repair firm covering the complete Sydney metro and rural outskirts with competence over all elements of your telephone and net repairs in commercial and residential establishments throughout Sydney.

Our highly regarded Sydney based ACMA approved phone technicians are equipped to deal with all of the issues which may have affected your internal telephone wiring and telephone point sockets and also including in the event you've got a house back to base alarm system in Mode-3 configuration.

PBY Telecom’s phone line repair team will work to bring back your lines to top-rated operational performance in addition to addressing all your needs concerning installation of essential devices and any additional expansion of telephone and ADSL 2+ traces.

If you have just ordered ADSL 2+ net that is presenting NO SYNC and live inside an apartment, you might just need MDF jumping in Sydney instead of fronting the costs for repairs because such. The need to change or relocated your phone line inside your house arises with respect to aspects such as ease of use, coverage of all aspects of your house or adding new phone and internet devices.