Programming languages: here I share my favorites with you

  • Julia: mathematical oriented language, easy to use and very powerful! Syntax is easy to learn
  • Anaconda Python: easier way to install and manage Python. Using this manager you can even setup a different "environment" separated from your OS Python installation/structure.
  • Python: main documentation page of Python. Of course you'll need pandas, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, and others to fully cover your needs
  • R: this is a powerful statistical-oriented language. It has natively implemented many tests and functions. It is really an out-of-the-box set of analysis tools.
  • Git: this control-version is one of a kind. At the very beginning I was a bit skeptical about it usefulness... but today I have the ability to recover previous versions of my codes without suffering, and that is a relief!

I'm debating with myself which links to add: I have astronomical databases, Python tips, R tips, some astronomy papers... but all seems so restricted...

I'm working on create a broader list. If you have any suggestions, please send it to me! (you can tweet it).