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All Your Question Answered for Your Paypal Account

PayPal is an e-commerce brand that allows the online transfer of funds. Although initially it only was a digital platform to money one’s money around, it has started services like credit and debit card payments for small merchants and operates around the line of credit. It has been renowned for its extremely secure method of sending money around. A PayPal login account is more than just managing the transfer of funds and payments.

With PayPal login, you can send and receive funds with both personal and business accounts. And yes, conquering the International waters is not a difficult task for PayPal. It is considered to be the safest, as it, under no circumstances, asks both the payer and the payee to disclose crucial information (such as credit card and/or bank account information). Let’s discuss the issues you might face with the PayPal account, credit and debit card login, etc.

Paypal Sign Up

You have to visit PayPal Sign in for this. But let’s take a look at the steps:

1. Visit > Click “Sign-Up”.

2. Choose your desired PayPal account type- Personal or Business > Click “Continue”.

3. Fill in with your Name, Email address, and set a password > Click “Continue”.

4. Type in all the required credentials > Click “Continue”.

5. Click “Get Started” > Fill in your card details > Click “Add Card”.

6. Go to your email account > Open the email sent by PayPal > Click on the link > Verify your email.

Paypal Login

Paypal Sign In Different Countries

According to the laws set by PayPal, users can not use their accounts in other countries. For instance, PayPal sign in USA, Canada, UK can only be permitted in the respective countries and not others. If, in case you move to another country, you have to deactivate the existing account and create a new one. But if you reside in both countries, you can keep two PayPal accounts with only one of them being a Business account.

Paypal Login Problems And Issues

Here, you’ll read about the “Can’t login to PayPal account” issue. If you feel unsafe about the account privacy you can always visit to follow steps on resetting passwords and managing the security questions.

PayPal Login FAQ

  • How do I reset pin login numbers in PayPal?

1. Click “PayPal Cash Card” (summary page)

2. Click on “Manage Card”

3. Click “Edit” in the PIN area

4. Type your 4-digit PIN to confirm

5. Click on “Change PIN”.

  • How to reset or change PayPal password without phone number?

  1. Visit the webpage or open the app.

  2. Click “Having trouble logging in” or “Forgotten”, respectively.

  3. Type in the registered email address

  4. Click Next

  5. Through the link sent to you by email, reset your password.

  • How do I go to my PayPal account summary?

  1. From your PayPal account, go to “Activity”

  2. Select “Statements”> Click “Custom”

  3. Adjust and fill in the data range, transaction type, and file format.

  4. Select “Create Report”

  5. On completion, select “Download” for the account summary.


Visit Paypal Login to know all about PayPal and its services. And go to if, in any case, you don’t want to access your account with your PayPal login details. Also, you can visit to change your password and security questions. The above read is curated to cater to your PayPal concerns. But, if you still find yourself troubling with its use, you can always seek help from the company’s customer support. PayPal doesn’t just cater to transfer funds and make payments. You can shop worldwide and split expenses with your friends. Valuing your financial details, helps you manage your business account with ultimate ease and effectiveness. PayPal is, in other words, a whole world in your e-wallet.