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PayPal Sign in- Transfer money in seconds

Looking for a way to transfer money at an instant speed? Well, look no further because with PayPal you can leave all your worries behind. At the comfort of your homes, you can easily send money to anyone who is using PayPal as well as request money from others. PayPal is not only a financial solution for individual users but also works wonders for the small and medium business personnel. In case you are also on a hunt for a way to get started with PayPal, then you can take the help of the instructions given hereby. Apart from the PayPal sign in process, we shall also learn the method to create an account and will have a look at some common PayPal login problems and issues.

How to create a PayPal account?

Creating a new account on PayPal is easy. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Open a browser and go to

2. After that, select the "Sign Up" option

3. After you choose this option, you need to choose the account type:

• Personal Account

• Business Account

4. Upon choosing the account type and click "Next"

Note: The further steps would be based on the account type you have selected in the previous step.

Steps for "Business Account" creation

Steps for "Personal Account" creation

1. After choosing the Business account type, select an option from the "I'm looking to accept payments" drop-down

2. Then, you have to choose the volume of your annual sales

3. Then, hit the "Next" button to proceed further

4. Next up, type your email address and choose "Submit"

5. Enter some personal details about yourself

6. Enter your bank account related details

7. Input the confirmation amount and choose "Confirm"

1. Enter your valid and working mobile number

2. Read the given statement and click "Next"

3. After this, you'll get the verification code

4. Enter the same code in the given box

5. Complete some more steps

Please try to remember the login details to avoid any future hurdles that you might face during the PayPal account sign-in.

With this, the PayPal Sign up process comes to an end. After creating an account successfully, you must visit to check if you are able to log in or not.

The easy way to log in to PayPal

In case you already have a PayPal account, you can simply follow this easy method for PayPal business account login or Individual account login:

1. Go to the official PayPal sign in website

2. Or, visit the page for login

3. This will display the PayPal login form

4. Now, type your PayPal username and choose "Next"

5. Next, provide your password and choose "Sign In"

The PayPal Prepaid users can go directly to the website and log in from here. But, one thing you note here is that all the PayPal users can log in via page, be it PayPal login USA, Canada and UK.

Reset or change PayPal Password

Have you forgotten your PayPal account password? You can either reset or change PayPal account password.

Reset PayPal Login password

1. Go to the PayPal login page and enter your registered mobile number

2. Tap "Next" and select "Having trouble logging in" on the password page

3. Choose how you want to complete the verification process

4. After doing the same, you will be able to create a new password

Change PayPal Login password

You can simply visit and learn how to change the PayPal account password. If you are a PayPal Prepaid user, then you may log in at and change your password from there. All the instruction regarding changing your Paypal password is given in the link above feel free to visit it.

Can't login to PayPal Account? Try these steps

If you are having trouble logging in to your PayPal account, then you may try some ways to get rid of them:

• Verify the login details while you try to sign in

• Recover your PayPal account

• If you can't connect with your current password, try at least three passwords you think might work

• Go to the Help Center and find solutions to your queries


If you are looking for ways to PayPal credit and Debit card login or PayPal prepaid MasterCard login, then the process would be the same as you did for PayPal sign in. There is no separate method for these types of login. Try remembering the login credentials to avoid any future login issues.