PayPal Prepaid Login

  • People who use PayPal.

  • People who have had trouble with managing a bank account in the past.

  • People who want the flexibility to use their card whenever Mastercard or PULSE cards are accepted.

PayPal Prepaid Mastercard | PayPal Prepaid Login

Are you planning to order a PayPal Prepaid card for you but unsure of how to get it and how does it work? In this informative post, we shall guide you on how to make the most out of your PayPal Prepaid card and enjoy higher rewards and benefits.

Not just that, we shall also have a glance at the PayPal prepaid login procedure, the method to apply for a prepaid card, the benefits attached to it, and the fees you'll be charged for using it.

So, if you were interested to know about all of this, then this handy guide will walk you through each process in detail.

So, what is a PayPal Prepaid Card?

Forget about those days when you need to carry cash whenever you think of enjoying dinner at your favorite restaurant, shop for your family, or pay to a local retailer. Why? Because, with a PayPal Prepaid Card, you can shop and pay at any store wherever a MasterCard is accepted for payments. This card is issued by Bancorp Bank and you can load it by using the funds available in your PayPal account.

Is PayPal prepaid card the right choice for you?

Well, if you are one of those people who use PayPal on a regular basis but finding it difficult to manage your finances, then this card is just the perfect choice for you. This not only gives you the option to make quick and cashless payments but also provides you with the ease to pay at millions of stores.

Here are some notable features of PayPal:

  • You can use your prepaid PayPal card at all those places where MasterCards and PULSE cards are accepted

  • Enjoy interesting rewards and perks and use for instant checkouts

  • Transfer the funds from your PayPal account directly to your PayPal Prepaid card

  • It's definitely not a hassle to load this card.

How do you get a PayPal prepaid MasterCard?

If you are an eligible PayPal user, then getting the PayPal prepaid card will not be a hassle for you. You can apply for this card by using the quick guidelines that I have mentioned below:

  1. Open a browser on your PC

  2. In its search bar, type "PayPal prepaid card"

  3. Click on the most relevant search result that takes you to the official site

  4. On the PayPal Prepaid page, click on "Order your card"

  5. On the screen that opens, provide your name, address, ZIP Code, and email address

  6. Fill in some more details on the Card ordering page

  7. Select one of the available cards and choose "ORDER A CARD"

After you have ordered your card, you need to activate it by completing the PayPal prepaid login process. The procedure to log in to a PayPal prepaid account has been furnished in the section that follows.

The PayPal prepaid MasterCard login process

To manage anything related to your card, you simply need to access your card online. For this, you can follow the quick procedure mentioned below:

  1. From any device, navigate to the PayPal prepaid MasterCard page

  2. Or tap on this link-

  3. On this page, you can choose to log in with PayPal

  4. Or, tap on "Log in using your PayPal Prepaid MasterCard details instead"

  5. Then, you should enter your login username and password

  6. Tap on the "Remember Username" option to proceed

  7. Click on the "LOG IN" button to access your PayPal Prepaid account.

How to load your PayPal prepaid card?

If you wish to add money to your PayPal Prepaid Card, then here are the available options you can choose from:

  • Direct Deposit

If you want, you can complete the PayPal prepaid login procedure and choose the option for Direct Deposit from there. This option is a no-cost option to add value to your card. But, to avail of this service, it is important that you enroll yourself in this service.

  • Instant Transfers

If you could not use the first option, then you can use the instant transfer feature of PayPal. This is also a free-of-cost card loading process that can be easily done by using the funds available in your PayPal account.

  • NetSpend Reload Network

PayPal allows you to make your way to one of the 130,000 locations where there is an option to load your card. However, you may need to pay a small amount as the fee for adding money to your PayPal Prepaid Card.


By having a glimpse at this article, we can say that PayPal Prepaid MasterCard is just like a debit card that you can use anywhere to pay wherever card payments are accepted. As soon as you apply for your prepaid card, you are provided with the card within a few days after the application. After you have received your PayPal Prepaid card, you simply need to activate it, load it, and start making cashless transactions.