Humanity is living in the most prosperous age with a technically supported lifestyle, there ever has been. From devices to assets, everything people own has acquired the ability to evolve digitally. For instance, online gaming has given players more assets to put in their will than they could imagine.

Today, people have a virtual life with social media, easy banking apps, digital payment apps, and even digital currency, which is famously known as cryptocurrency. With the rise in crypto, trading and investing in digital currencies soon normalized.

And having an exchange platform for just that became a rational requirement. That’s where Coinbase made its way into the world. Coinbase offers several cryptocurrencies to trade in along with different payment methods for closing the deals.

One of these payment methods is the most-renowned digital payment app- PayPal. This read is focused on providing every detail about the two digital platforms coming together.

To begin, go through the PayPal login process, and then how to make payments via PayPal login account on Coinbase, which is further followed by the withdrawal procedure of funds from Coinbase to a PayPal login account.

Taking the first step into the PayPal world

There are two mandatory things that you’d have to have before you can make payments from your PayPal on Coinbase- a successful PayPal login account and a Coinbase account. So, this section is focused to help you with the steps required to have your PayPal login account up and running:

  1. Get into the website online by PayPal.

  2. To create the account, go for “Sign Up”.

  3. Decide on your best-fit account type.

  4. Locate and tap on the “Get Started” key.

  5. Provide the details you are supposed to.

  6. Move ahead by following all the prompts.

Note: It is not necessary to complete the above process by using a computer, you can also go for the mobile app and open a PayPal login account there.

Coinbase’ ease and PayPal’s transparency

PayPal is a safe platform for making and receiving easy and instant payments all over the globe. It is reputed as the leading brand worldwide among all the online payment solutions as it supports several geographic locations, national languages, and currencies.

People are eligible to make and receive payments through several ways such as via credit and debit cards, PayPal Smart Connect (another service by the brand) or PayPal account login. And the best part of it all, users are not mandated to share their bank account details.

Not long ago, Coinbase announced that it has added PayPal as one of its payment methods as a large portion of its users had a hard time sharing their financial details and felt unsafe. But with PayPal, even the smallest formality of sharing such detail gets nullified.

And Coinbase believes that its users must, above all, feel safe about getting involved with the exchange platform. They offer the largest cluster of altcoins with an easy-to-use user interface and high liquidity.

You can make payments and investments with PayPal and without having to share personal information, and when the payment ease rises, Coinbase will have more users than ever.

Walkthrough of the process

Making payments with PayPal would require you to link your PayPal login account to your Coinbase account and given below are the steps to do that:

  1. Begin with signing in to your Coinbase account.

  2. Locate and get inside the “Account Settings” key.

  3. Look for “Payment Methods” and hit on it.

  4. Go for “Add a payment method” then for “PayPal”.

  5. Next, sign in with your PayPal login credentials.

  6. Agree to the Coinbase terms and conditions.


  • You’ll now be able to pay via your PayPal login account on Coinbase.

  • Both accounts are suggested to have the same email address for linking.

  • If not, you’ll have to pass through an additional safety or security step.

PayPal’s withdrawal possibility

Withdrawing from a Coinbase account for users in the United States has an alternative other than having an ACH or a Federal Wire account. These traditional networks of finance required a minimum of two business days for the request to go through. And PayPal login accounts can help you speed up the process with extreme feasibility.

The algorithms were altered and adjusted to cater to the quick withdrawal of funds from Coinbase to a PayPal login account. Let’s go through the steps that are required for it:

  1. Use your Coinbase credentials to sign in to the account.

  2. Go inside the “Account Settings” key from the dashboard.

  3. Ensure that PayPal is an added Coinbase payment method.

  4. Go to the cryptocurrencies that support PayPal payments.

  5. Choose the one you want to withdraw and click on the link.

  6. Go for the “Withdraw” option key for further steps.

  7. Type in the amount you want to withdraw from Coinbase.

  8. Confirm the amount and follow the prompts (if any).


  • You can also perform and complete the process of withdrawing funds to your PayPal login account via the Coinbase mobile application.

  • Majorly, four cryptocurrencies are compatible with PayPal payments- Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum.


PayPal is a leader for all online payment making apps and Coinbase leads the market when it comes to crypto exchange platforms. This read is focused on these two digital brands getting together to provide the best and the smoothest user experience.

Given above are significant details on both brands along with steps to create a PayPal login account, steps to link a PayPal login account to a Coinbase account and making payments, along with the steps to withdraw funds from Coinbase to PayPal.

The above read will help you understand the functioning of these two apps for a better cryptocurrency trading experience with high feasibility.