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PayPal login- Login and activate your PayPal account right away

Before the inception of cashless payment services, we could never imagine how easy it would be to make transactions without having to step out of our homes. And, when we speak about cashless payment methods, we cannot skip mentioning PayPal. This American MNC has spread its roots in different financial sectors allowing users to send and receive money at a pace that is unmatched and highly secure.

Signing up on PayPal makes you eligible to enjoy a wide range of perks that are specifically developed for the users of PayPal login accounts. The available benefits not only help you to accomplish your individual financial needs but also help businesses and merchants alongside. But the question is why one should opt for PayPal Login when there are a lot of other digital payment services available out there.

What makes PayPal shine out in the crowd?

Since PayPal is not just another payment service, there are a lot of things that differentiate it from the rest. And, to make you well-aware of these features, we have compiled this list of available features:

  • Encrypted transactions

For as long as you have a PayPal login my account and use this account to make transactions, the responsibility of your account and transactions' security is taken care of by PayPal. They make sure that each transaction that you send through its system is encrypted with high-end encryption technology.

  • Activate "One Touch" payment mode

In case you have forgotten your wallet at home and you urgently need to make a payment, then you can easily do so by activating the "One Touch" payment feature. Also, you will be provided with options to complete your transactions without having to enter your password again and again.

  • Get exclusive rewards

Another exclusive benefit provided to the PayPal login users is that they can link their credit cards to their accounts and for doing that, they will be provided with rewards on every transaction made.

  • Pay your bills right away

Once you have linked your credit card to your PayPal Login account, you can pay bills on the go, and also you will be provided with the opportunity to transfer money to different users. Additionally, the card linking process is also very easy and can be completed even by a naive user.

To avail yourself of these features, you need to make sure that you sign up and get your PayPal account login credentials ready. In case you have already created your profile on PayPal and you only wish to know about the PayPal login process, then the same has been given in the next section.

How do you sign in to PayPal?

PayPal sign in is pretty identical for individuals as well as merchants and the procedure for the same has been listed below:

Note: The following steps can also be applied to the users who want to use PayPal through its application.

  1. Head to the official page of PayPal from a browser

  2. Likewise, you can open the downloaded app on your smartphone

  3. On the main screen of PayPal, find and click the "Log In" button

  4. Type your associated phone number or email ID and click "Next"

  5. When prompted for the password, enter the PayPal login password carefully

  6. If you have enabled 2FA, you need to complete the verification

  7. Complete the remaining steps one by one and you'll be logged in

Haven't signed up yet? Here is how to set up a PayPal account

To have your own PayPal Login my account, here are the steps that'd help you with the sign-up procedure:

  1. Type "" in your browser's search bar

  2. Choose your account type- Personal/Business

  3. Fill in the relevant data in each required space

  4. Complete the account verification

  5. Link a payment method and start using PayPal

How to link a payment method (Credit Card) on PayPal?

To link your credit card with PayPal and enjoy the benefits that come with it, you need to follow the steps that are listed below:

On the website:

  1. Begin by undergoing the PayPal account login process

  2. Spot and select the "Wallet" tab (usually on the top)

  3. Now, select the option to link your card

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and feed the details with care

On the app:

  1. Log in with your PayPal sign in details on the app

  2. Click on the "Wallet" icon on the welcome screen

  3. Click the "+" present next to "Banks and Cards"

  4. Follow the prompts to add your card manually or otherwise

How to restore a PayPal account?

If you are having trouble completing the PayPal login procedure, then you can follow these instructions to restore your account immediately:

  1. At first, you can click on PayPal's official website

  2. Click the "Log in" button on that webpage

  3. Followed by this, enter your phone no./email ID

  4. Click "Next" and you'll see the password page

  5. On that page, click the Having Trouble option

  6. Complete the remaining steps to receive the code

  7. After verification, you can set a new PayPal account login password


Having read the whole article, we can easily conclude that logging in to a PayPal Login account is like having a piece of cake. Just be ready with the correct PayPal login details and there is nothing that can stop you from accessing your account. However, a smooth and hassle-free login requires your device to be connected to a good internet connection. Otherwise, you can take additional steps to fix any PayPal sign in issues that you may face.