Paypal Login Account Sign Up and Password Reset

PayPal is a service that people use as a way of sending, receiving, and requesting money online. Moreover, we consider it an all-in-one payment solution for online sellers to access millions of shoppers worldwide. Whether you have to look for an easy way of selling products online and get a payment or just want to transfer contributions to your friends for parties, PayPal makes a perfect choice.

To use the PayPal App, you will require registering for a Paypal Login account. Also, the process is simple and easy.

This guide will provide you with a basic understanding of the Paypal Login account and how to reset its password. As a result, you will not face issue with it's login and reset process.

Paypal Login Account Sign Up

To start using your Paypal Login account, follow the steps mentioned below to sign up to the account:

  • First, you will have to access a web browser to go to the official Paypal Login page.

  • Next, you have to search for the respective website.

  • Once the Paypal Login page opens, check for the 'Sign Up' option mentioned there.

  • Then, click on that option to proceed further with the process.

  • There are three options out of which you must choose the 'shoppers or freelancers for business.'

  • After that, fill in the email address to get further updates.

  • Now, provide some personal details asked on the screen.

  • Simultaneously, input your bank details to link the account.

  • Doing this will enable you to receive a small amount from PayPal.

  • Now, deposit that amount in the given field for confirmation purposes.

By implementing these steps, your Paypal Login account gets ready to use. You can set the desired password after that.

Paypal Account Login Process

After you fulfill the Paypal Login criteria, your account gets ready to use. Hence, you can proceed to send and transfer funds. People can send you money, and you are able to check the logs with payment history.

For this, you will have to log in to the account first. After that, follow the process mentioned below to log in conveniently:

  • First, visit the Paypal Login page using your preferred web browser.

  • Now, input the details in the form displayed on the screen. The details will include the username or email address with the password.

  • Remember, you have to make sure that the password you enter must be correct.

  • After that, click on the 'Sign In' option visible on the page. Doing this will lead you to your profile page.

What to Do in The Case of Forgetting Your Paypal Login Account Password?

Forgetting an account's password is common and efficiently resolving issues. Hence, you can conveniently and quickly access the Paypal Login account even after you forgot the password. The steps mentioned below will help you recover the same:

  • First, go to a web browser and search for the Paypal Login page.

  • Then, look for a password reset page and enter the email address that you had added during the registration process.

  • After that, hit the 'next' option.

  • Then, select the account ownership options as per preferences and move further.

  • If you wish to recover the account through the 'receive an email' option, then you will have to enter the 6 digit security code. Remember, you will receive that code over the email. Next, click the 'continue' option and provide the bank's card number if asked.

  • If you opt to answer the security questions, then the answers in specific fields will have to be entered. After that, confirm the same.

  • Also, you will get the option to recover the account through Facebook messenger. Here, you will receive the code to be entered in the given field. After that, click to confirm.

  • Moreover, you have one more way of recovering your Paypal password. You can request to receive a code through an alternative email id if provided the same during account registration.

  • After the verification process overs, you can create a new password for the Paypal Login account. Also, do not forget that your password must be at least 8-20 characters long and should contain special characters too.

Furthermore, make sure you keep your passwords secretly with you.


We have covered easy steps to assist you in creating a Paypal Login account so that you can enjoy its services and benefits. Also, if you face any issue regarding passwords, you can resolve the issue by implementing the steps we have covered under the password reset section.