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With the emergence of several PayPal Login online transaction platforms, PayPal has still managed to maintain its reputable position among the users. This platform is not only simple to use, but also offers secure and instant transactions on the go. Using this platform is so simple that even a layman can use it. All you are required to do is create a Personal or Business account and then complete the PayPal Login process. For account creation and easy login, you can follow the instructions given in this document. Apart from the login process, this article also covers the PayPal credit card login. So, let's head on to what you have been looking for.

Why choose PayPal for making online transactions?

You are entitled to get multiple benefits if you join PayPal services:

  • With one PayPal account, users can make payments directly via their bank accounts or using their PayPal credit cards.

  • By doing a PayPal MasterCard login you can easily use your MasterCard to make hassle-free payments.

  • Users can also receive or send money from and to different buyers.

  • PayPal Business account users can get different other benefits of using PayPal with one-time PayPal sign in.

  • PayPal log in has offered multiple benefits to all the users during the times of COVID-19 for making an online purchase of things.

After knowing the benefits of PayPal, let us now learn the method to do PayPal login and sign up.

How to register or create an account on PayPal?

To create a PayPal account, you must use the steps that are mentioned below very carefully:

  1. Either, you should go to the PayPal website- login.

  2. Or, download the PayPal app on your Android or iOS.

  3. On tap on 'Sign up.'

  4. Choose a suitable account type- Individual Account or Business Account.

  5. After choosing the account type, tap 'Next.'

  6. Type the phone number that you want to use with PayPal and tap 'Next.'

  7. Now, you will receive the 6-digit security on the same number as above.

  8. Enter this security code in the given spaces correctly.

  9. Complete some more steps and provide the necessary details.

  10. Hurrah! You have successfully registered for the PayPal services.

Note down these details for the future PayPal login and the steps for the same are listed right here.

Steps to login to PayPal account

As soon as you register on the PayPal login in the platform, you are all ready to login into your account.

  1. From a preferred device, go to the pay pal login site or app.

  2. If you are using a desktop, go to

  3. In the login form, enter your 'Email or mobile number.'

  4. And, then, press the 'Next' button.

  5. On the next page, type your password or the security code you received.

  6. In the end, click on the 'PayPal Login' option.

So, this was the method for PayPal login and now it is time to learn the PayPal credit login which is the same as PayPal prepaid login.

The method to PayPal Credit Card login

  1. From your PC or smartphone, go to

  2. Then, tap on the PayPal Login button in the blue.

  3. On the login form, enter your email or phone number.

  4. Tap on the 'Next' button.

  5. Then, enter the OTP or password.

  6. Select the 'Sign In' option, in the end.

This is how the process of PayPal credit login goes which is almost similar to PayPal login. In case you are facing PayPal sign in issues, then you must be sure that you are entering the PayPal log in details correctly without making any typing mistakes.

Final words-

In case you have forgotten your PayPal login password, then you must easily reset it directly from the login page itself. To reset the password, it is necessary that you have your registered email address or phone number. Else, you won't be able to recover your account and access PayPal features. COVID-19

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