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When it comes to enjoying different banking benefits at your fingertips, PayPal has got you covered. With its low-cost fee criteria and end-to-end encryption methods used for carrying out transactions, it is now being used by a million users across the globe. Whether you wish to manage your inward or outward flow of money from your PayPal account, it is necessary that you have a verified account over this platform. Or, those who have already joined PayPal should go through PayPal login for carrying out instant transactions. Along with serving you the online banking facilities, PayPal also serves as a shopping mall for many people. Since checking out through PayPal is fast and secure, therefore, you need not way in long queues to pay your bills.

What makes PayPal the best business solution?

PayPal offers many banking and shopping facilities to the users which is why they are drawn towards using PayPal despite the availability of different banking solutions available in the marketplace. Here are the reasons why users prefer PayPal over platforms:

  • It’s easy to get refunds for purchases that you have returned

  • Secure and fast checkouts when you pay with PayPal

  • Its serves as your shopping mall for purchasing a variety of items

  • Scan a QR code or pay directly by doing PayPal Account login

  • The bank account or card linking process is easy

  • With its 24/7 fraud monitoring and Buyer Protection features, it’s safe to shop wherever you want

How to be a part of PayPal?

PayPal login is the secondary process to avail of all the aforementioned features of PayPal, creating an account on it is the primary process that one should carry out:

Note: users can also complete the following process on the PayPal mobile app as well.

PayPal Business account sign up

  1. Open the PayPal mobile app or go to

  2. Tap “Sign up” at the top-right pane

  3. Choose “Business account” and tap “Next”

  4. Choose preferable options from the two drop-downs

  5. Then, enter your email address and tap “Submit”

  6. Choose a password for your business account

  7. Next, choose your business type from the drop-down

  8. Choose your service keyword and choose the other information as well

  9. Input your Business URL and click “Submit”

  10. Input your contact information and other corresponding details

  11. Select “Agree and Continue” to proceed

  12. Confirm your email address by navigating to your mail inbox

The information submitted during PayPal sign-up will be used for PayPal log in.

PayPal individual account sign up

  1. Go to the official website of PayPal or open its app

  2. Click on the “Sign Up” button at the top

  3. When asked to choose the account type, click “Individual account”

  4. Then, you shall tap on the “Next” option

  5. Enter an active and valid email ID

  6. Create a new PayPal account login password with a mix of characters

  7. Confirm the password by re-entering it in the following field

  8. Tap on the “Next” option one more time

  9. Complete the "security challenge" that you see on your screen

  10. Then, provide all the information that you are asked to share

  11. Enter your card details on the next page and choose “Link card”

  12. Enter the OTP on the next page for the authentication and click “Done”

You can now memorize your PayPal log in details for future logins.

Don’t know how to Paypal log in? Learn the process here

A very simple procedure operates through logging in to your PayPal Account and here is how the process goes:

  1. Open the updated PayPal app or go to

  2. Select the “Login” button at the top

  3. Input your email ID or mobile number

  4. Click “Next” and go to the following step

  5. Then, input your password or the OTP sent by PayPal

  6. And, you will be signed in instantly

Send international payments- Use Xoom, a PayPal service

If you want to send money to someone who is living abroad and wish to use PayPal for the same purpose, then you may use Xoom which is a PayPal service which is developed to send money at an international level:

  1. Go to the official platform of Xoom

  2. Choose the preferred country from the drop-down you wish to send money to

  3. Enter the amount you wish to send

  4. And, its conversion will be shown to you in the next blank

  5. After that, simply tap on the “Send now” option

  6. Review the details and tap “Continue”

  7. On the next page, select “Log In”

  8. And, choose “log in with PayPal”

  9. Enter your PayPal login details

  10. Follow some more steps to complete the transaction

Reset a forgotten PayPal login password

Oftentimes, users forget their PayPal Account login password which can however be reset easily by using some easy steps:

  1. Go to the PayPal password reset page from a browser

  2. Enter your PayPal login email address and choose “Next”

  3. On the next page, select the “forgot your password” link

  4. Follow the steps after completing the verification

  5. Create a new password and re-submit it

  6. Save your changes and use them for future PayPal Account login

Conclusion -

Thus, if you have recently got acquainted with PayPal, then you should note that it is available for usage via the website and the app as well. As soon as you join PayPal, you will be introduced to its multifaceted benefits that no other platform has to offer you. Therefore, joining PayPal is always a better alternative.