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PayPal is a world-renowned payment medium for the new digital era. It offers individuals and small organizations exceptionally low–cost services. It is also known for its strict approach to the safety measures relating to the digital movement of funds. Other than online payments and receipts of money, with a PayPal login account, you can also explore a range of related services like credit card services for small merchants and businesses along with a few more services in the credit line, and debit card payments.

It offers ways to get better exchange rates on your PayPal balance. You can use PayPal online via a web browser or through the app that is available for both Android and iOS. However, what makes it safe is that there is no account number or routing number associated but is registered with your email. Let’s move ahead to the benefits, the steps of creating an account for login, withdrawing money from your account, and finally, address a common question- why PayPal and not a bank account.


PayPal is known and used around the globe for making payments or just moving funds around. There are two types of accounts they offer- Personal and Business. Besides that here’s why using a PayPal login account for payments and receipts seems like a great idea:

  1. Get discounts on purchases from selected online retailers.

  2. Get cash back offers from a few selected retailers.

  3. Avail credit cards by PayPal via Synchrony Banks.

  4. Get finances for large purchases or in bulk.

  5. Cash-out the PayPal balance if and when required.

  6. Make contactless payments all over the world.

Joining The PAYPAL Community

Now that you are familiar with what benefits you’d yield for being a part of the PayPal login family, let’s take a look at the steps that are involved in the creation of an account for you to join in:

  • From your web browser, visit PayPal’s official site.

  • Locate and go for the option that says “Sign Up”.

  • Choose “Individual” or “Business” account type.

  • Feed-in the requested data and hit on “Continue”.

  • Carefully follow the instructions displayed on-screen.

paypal login

Note: Individual or Personal accounts are for peer-to-peer transactions, whereas business accounts are solely for transactions related to sales and purchases for your small organizations. You can also use the mobile app for creating the account.

If you choose a Business Account:

If you choose an Individual Account:

  1. In the "I'm looking to accept payments" drop-down, choose an option.

  2. Now, choose your annual sales volume and tap “Next.”

  3. Enter your email address and click “Submit.”

  4. Provide some personal and bank account details.

  5. Enter the confirmation amount and click “confirm.”

  1. Enter your mobile number.

  2. And, click 'Next.'

  3. You will receive a verification code.

  4. Enter the same code in the given box.

  5. Provide some details, if prompted.

Forgotten your PayPal Login Password? Let's reset it

Do not get despaired if you cannot recall your PayPal account password because we shall walk you through the process to recover your account by resetting your password:

  1. Open the PayPal Login website.

  2. Select the "forgot password" option on the login form.

  3. For account recovery, enter your phone number/email address/ username.

  4. On the chosen option, you will receive the OTP or link.

  5. Tap on the link or enter the OTP.

  6. Set a new password and verify it.

Cash It Out From PAYPAL Login

There are times and places when you cannot use PayPal to purchase goods and services or make any payment. This is where the withdrawing feature of PayPal comes into the picture. Let’s see how you can withdraw money from your PayPal login account:

  1. Sign in to your PayPal account.

  2. Get into your PayPal “Wallet".

  3. Go for the “Transfer Funds” option.

  4. Choose “Transfer to your Bank Account”.

  5. Follow the prompted instructions.

Note: Confirm the amount you want to withdraw before finishing the procedure.

Why Not A Bank Payment?

Listed below are a few major reasons for payers choosing a PayPal login account to make payments:

  • Extremely easy payments

Go to your PayPal login account, write the receiver’s email address, type in the amount, and hit the sending option, that’s it. Making payments with PayPal is extremely facile compared to bank transfers.

  • No extra charges for the Payer

Unlike banks, PayPal does not charge any fees or amount on making money transfers. Sending money is totally free for the senders, which makes them beneficial on their part.

  • Cross-border transfers

Several paying individuals have not been familiarized with the electronic cross-border transfer of funds. It is very often that they have their accounts in credit unions and/or community banks. They have no provision of initiating these electronic cross-border fund transfers.

Besides the reasons mentioned above, several other benefits make PayPal a better option. Also, it is way better to pay with your debit card through your PayPal Account Login than to pay directly with your debit cards. That is because it has a safe and discreet payment procedure that protects both payer’s and payee’s personal information.


PayPal is an e-commerce organization that helps individuals and small organizations across the globe in paying and receiving funds with its low-cost services. It is the most discreet digital payment platform that contributes to the protection of your personal information online like bank account details, phone number, etc. The services and features that PayPal Login account offers have never disappointed in proving to be beneficial. Mentioned above are the steps involved in creating your personal or business account with PayPal. It also contains information on how you can cash out your PayPal balance in times of need and the major reason why most payers prefer transferring money over PayPal rather than a bank account.