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Like most of the countries that support online transactions as an alternative mode of payment, Germany, too, prefers PayPal as their one-stop online payment option. Being highly popular in Germany, 1998 established PayPal services holds an exceptional experience of being in the money transaction business for over 23 years now. PayPal has the right understanding of its customers’ needs and requirements regarding physical money, cheques, and money order. Having its reach in various countries and providing online payment services for a huge population worldwide, Paypal gebühren assures its customers the satisfaction of easy and anytime available support service.

Paypal gebühren

There have been various questions regarding Paypal gebühren. Here we bring to you the answers to all your queries, keep reading till the end to know more about Paypal gebühren.

Starting with answering the most inquired query, i.e. Paypal gebühren for buyers

There are no PayPal fees associated with online purchases for the consumer. When you pay for online shopped goods through PayPal, you - as a buyer - do not have to undergo any extra charges. However, PayPal supports a feature where merchants and sellers pass on their PayPal costs to its customers.


Paypal gebühren - while sending money to PayPal Peers

Additional expenses can only occur when remittances are sent to family members, friends, or acquaintances. On the other hand, if you have been using your credit card for sending money overseas or dealing with money in a different currency, you can save on those entire interest amounts and other extra costs attached to it by using PayPal balance.

Paypal gebühren - while sending money in EUR

If you send money in EUR with your PayPal balance or bank account, this is free. When using a credit card, 1.9 percent fees of the total amount transferred + EUR 0.35 per transaction amount are charged additionally.

Paypal gebühren – while sending money within and outside the EU

Transfer payments within and outside the EU depending on where the payment is made, in which country, and in which form the remittances are sent. If you use a credit card, PayPal will charge you 1.9 percent fees of the total amount + fixed amount depending on the currency you are charged. You can find more information on Paypal gebühren in the article below.

As a general law, the recipient does not pay a fee.

Paypal gebühren - Paypal merchants must pay the following fees

By law, fees must be paid by every merchant who would like to offer PayPal to his customers as a payment option for goods and services provided by the merchant. How much these costs are depends on a variety of factors.

  • The initial receiving payment fee is 2.49 percent of the total cost.

  • 0.35 EUR per transaction (additional).

  • However, merchants have the option to register as a merchant via PayPal and therefore receive the merchant terms after analysis by PayPal.

Monthly work volume Flexible currency The cost of each transaction

<2,000 EUR 2.49 percent 0.35 EUR

2,000.01 to 5,000 EUR 2.19 percent 0.35 EUR

5,000.01 to 25,000 EUR 1.99 percent 0.35 EUR

25,000.01 to 100,000 EUR 1.79 percent 0.35 EUR

> 100,000 EUR 1.49 percent 0.35 EUR

According to the monthly transaction volume of 5,000 to 25,000 EUR per PayPal account, for example, flexible payments of 1.99 percent and 0.35 EUR per transaction will be paid.

  • With a monthly transaction volume of more than 25,000 EUR, the exchange rate is reduced to 1.79 percent and 0.35 EUR per transaction.

  • PayPal charges 10% + 10 cents for a small amount.

  • Donation fees or the amount for donation are 1.5 percent + 0.35 EUR.

Paypal gebühren - For merchants using PayPal Plus:

  • 2.49 + 0.35 percent EUR: switch a transaction volume of less than 5,000 EUR

  • 2.09 + 0.35 percent EUR: with transaction volume between 5,001 and 25,000 EUR

  • Percentage of 1.79 + 0.35 EUR: with transaction volume over 25,000 EUR (PC world)

Summarized information on Paypal gebühren to help you save on your precious time.

  • Online or in the shop fee - Free (if no currency conversion is required)

  • Sell ​​with PayPal - Fees Applicable depending on various factors.

  • Send and receive money - In-person transaction fees are as follows

  • Domestic transaction - Free (if in the same currency)

  • Send personal international transactions – either 5.00% of the transaction amount or minimum / maximum fee, which is : Minimum = 0.99 EUR Maximum = 3.99 EUR.

Conclusion – This article is exclusively written to guide PayPal users through the Paypal gebühren and its valuable features and the available payable options. Paypal, being one of the most trusted payment transaction platforms, assures their customers’ satisfaction and maximum benefit via some amazing offers and services.