Highlights of Success

Teaching And Learning

Marzano Instructional Model (Paxton was a Pilot School)

New Evaluation Instrument aligned with Marzano Instructional Model & NDE’s

Frameworks for Teachers and Principals

New Elementary Math Series 2009

New Junior high and high school math textbooks (2013-2014)

Curriculum Alignment to New State Standards 2016-17 - Math

Added Personal Finance and Business Math Course 2015-17

Added secondary math teacher (2014-15)

Progress Monitoring for Math at the Lower Grades

Math Promotional Posters Throughout School

Technology Instruction, including coding and robotics K-8

Addition of Ceramics to Art Curriculum

Monday Math games

2016-2017 NRCSA Superintendent of the Year

2016-2017 NSASSP Middle School Principal of the Year

Family Night

Kindergarteners using manipulatives for math

Programs And Activities

ACCESS (identification of at-risk students)

ACCESS (College and Career Readiness Focus 2017-18)

Elementary Family Nights

Middle School Lunch Club

After School Programs: Coding Club, Elementary Football, Volleyball, Wrestling

Tiger Built Program (Ag Education)

Added Yearbook as After School Activity 2017-18

Circle of Friends (Student Organization to Support Fellow Students)

Community Clean-Up Day

Choir attended professional music performances

Open Mic Night grades 4-12

Art Show competitions

Ag Day

Science Olympiad


Added Preschool

Elementary Principal Added in 2015-16

Special Education Instructors Added (2)

School Board Goals Based on AQuESTT

Middle School Lunch Club (2017-18)

6th Grade Joined Middle School (2016-17)

New Web Site (2017-18)

Safety Signage & Digital Marquee

New School Facility Upgrades (additional classrooms, gym, track)

Preschool ready for the Christmas Concert

New Track